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Video Premiere: Curt Reynolds - Better ft. Scotty Sire

A first look at the new video from Curt's latest single "Better"
Curt Reynolds

Pumping new life into LA's thriving party scene, DJ/ producer Curt Reynolds has just dropped a brand new visual for his latest single, “Better" featuring Scotty Sire.

After spinning for a packed house at the EDITION hotel recently in West Hollywood for the record's official release, Reynolds now keeps the song's momentum going. In the video Curt sets the vibe right away, taking you into a familiar place of bright lights and bouncy tunes. The music draws you into a warm scene of a good time with almost a vintage look between the lighting and colors that are on display. Between the view from behind the decks and then look into what might be a more normal day in the life of a DJ, the whole experience here just puts you at ease but at the same time makes you want to dance. Scotty's lyrics and smooth vocals complete the experience here and the final result is a a good feeling that keeps on replaying in your head. 

When asked for his take on the release Curt had this to say,

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"'Better' featuring Scotty Sire is one of my more club-focused dance tracks to be released recently. I went simple, yet fierce on the production and teamed up with Scott on the lyrics to evoke a sense of relaxed but emotionally motivated flow of trying to get 'the one,' back into your life...almost an apology or reconciliation of sorts," explains Reynolds. "This track definitely works in the deeper club space but I feel is still accessible with the vocal content."

In these times of uncertainty, it’s always refreshing to have some new quality house music to dance the day away at home with until we’re ready to break it in on the town. It never hurts to have a well directed/ edited video to pair along with it. Check out the video below and follow him below to keep up to date on new music.

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