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Watch: ZHU Throws Down Special 2 Hour Set in the Japanese Alps For Cercle

Watch ZHU play a 2 hour set in the beautiful white mountains of Japan at 白馬岩岳 Hakuba Iwatake Ski Resort

ZHU for a unique show at Hakuba Mountain Harbor (白馬岩岳 Hakuba Iwatake

Snowboarding/Skiing and a 2 hour set from ZHU in Japan? What else do you need? Cercle is killing it right now with unique sets from the artists you want. Their prime goal is to showcase cultural heritage and landmarks through the prism of electronic music and video. They carefully and precisely choose a scenic, jaw-dropping location around the world and bring some of the best artists in dance music out to perform in a more personal setting. No lasers, no strobes, no crazy-ass stage... just a spectacular terrace that overlooks the Iwatake Summit in the Japanese Alps. Oh ya, and ZHU...

This set is a perfect mix between his classics, new tech-house, and a little tribal sounding trance. A lot of tracks from his album GENERATIONWHY were played with a new deep twist. This is the perfect video to have on in the background while you're cooking, cleaning, or whatever you do I guess on a weeknight at home. If you like this, I highly suggest looking more into Cercle for other DJ's you like. The locations are pretty insane. 

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