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Weedsday Playlist: High Times Vp Of Content Jon Cappetta Shares 5 Songs For Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff, pass and play on this Weedsday playlist.
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Jon Cappetta

Jon Cappetta is currently the VP of Content across High Times properties. A lifelong creative, Jon has been finding ways to work in the music and greater entertainment industries since he was a tween. Starting out leading street teams and building “record labels” to release his friends music, he grew to produce and lead “experience” activations on a national scale, including creating a ‘Best Practice’ utilized nationally annually by Red Bull. Having spent over a decade building events, with over 500 produced before leaving NYC in 2014, Jon has honed his logistical and marketing expertise, and his ear for talent.

Finding his niche in development strategy, Jon’s expertise spans across content, event and experiential marketing, with extensive experience in the nightlife, entertainment, & beverage industries. JC has produced branded content for major products, provided data analysis for front-page, Pulitzer-prize-winning news, and developed several new business areas for the enterprises he has worked for.

With all of this in mind, we asked him to share a new Weedsday playlists with some longer entries.

1. Giraffage - Boiler Room 45er (Los Angeles)

When I first moved to LA I would ride my bike down the double yellow in the middle of the street, blazed out of my mind, lost in this mix almost daily. See, when I first moved out West I was working remote, so I was just getting all of my shit done first thing in the morning and then getting acquainted with California’s primo through the afternoon and evening... I had a lot of time on my hands. My girl at the time had gotten me a bike as a welcome present and I would literally get lost in my new city, while lost in this set. Giraffage has been a long time favorite, but this particular mix really spoke to me. I was also really into the whole boiler room cult at the time so that probably played a part. Recommended for times when air is breezing through your hair, or the sun is shining, regardless of the substance or strain.

2. Days Away - Mapping an Invisible World

When I was a punk 14 year old this was about as far into hippy culture as I was willing to get, and the only reason I even listened to it in the first place was because it came out on Fueled by Ramen. It opened my eyes. At that time it was what I assumed acid felt like - light, fun, colorful, almost airy. 70’s vibes, right? Since discovering it’s been a regular friend during mind-altering experiences, or romantic ones. Fun fact: I lost my virginity to my friends older sister while using this record as cover to hide our sounds from the family party happening outside my bedroom. Recommended for use with something heavily body-forward - best listened to on a soft bed with fluffy blankets and lots of pillows.

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3. Mounika. - How Are You?

It’s weird to verbalize the clarity I find in the glitches of this record. It’s got a lot of different vibes throughout, but calling it a vibe is definitely accurate, and one that feels like home even on the first listen. Because of the depth of the journey this thing covers it’s not always something you’ll want to listen to straight through, but I find myself pulling elements into all my even more traditional playlists. I have no idea how I found this and to be honest I haven’t even looked up who Mounika is, but oh boy do I love ‘em. “Cut My Hair” is the crown track, and it’s something I regularly wake up to, but if you’re looking to get out there, “How are you?” is down to ride, and can fit most highs.

4. Fidlar - Too

This has been my angsty album lately. Rock this when you’ve got energy or anger you don’t know what to do with. I grew up on this pop-punk wave so bands like this will always have a special place in my heart, but I firmly believe this record transcends genres. I’ve known Fidlar for a while but I didn’t really start rinsing this album until sometime last year, and it honestly hasn’t left my rotation since. I listen to "Bad Habits" religiously when I do things that I know are stupid, "West Coast" to party, and "Sober" when things are a drag. That said, this is always a safe front-to-back play. Recommended for use with high-energy strains because you’re probably going to want to jump around. I also recommend closing your blinds first - let my mistakes be your lessons. 

5. Lil’ Wayne - No Ceilings

TIMELESS. Arguably the best mixtape of all time, this is the crown jewel of Lil’ Wayne’s releases. Claiming tons of other people’s beats, Wayne rewrites history in his likeness with wild, catchy, and straight up impressive wordplay that really runs the gamut. All praise to Kendrick, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Drake, and the other gods, but in my opinion this is peak hip-hop and overall fun to listen to. This is what in-da-couch was made for, and it’s like Wayne smokes along with you!

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