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Weedsday Playlist: Ladies Of Paradise’s Keasha Brown Shares 5 Songs For Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff, pass and press play on this Weedsday playlist.
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Keasha Brown

Keasha Brown

Each girl at Ladies of Paradise wears a lot of hats for the team and for Keasha Brown, they’re always vintage. Keasha holds it down as our creative assistant, social media guru, set designer and store manager. Yes, seriously. After attending school for interior design, Keasha jumped on the LoP team right away.

Ladies of Paradise is a women-positive creative agency based in Portland, Oregon. Currently, LoP offers cannabis event planning services, graphic design, packaging, creative content development, educational meetups, and product lines ranging from clothing to CBD products, as well as the new LoP cannabis pre-roll joints, Lady Jays.

With this commitment to female empowerment and cannabis, we asked Brown to make us a new Weedsday playlist.

1. Thundercat - Them Changes

I’m a big fan of funk and this song embodies everything you’re looking for in a groovy smoke sesh. While this song happens to be about heartbreak, you won’t realize it. The bass line will leave you wanting to keep the song on repeat until you’re completely out of weed.

2. Snoh Aalegra ft. Vince Staples - Nothing Burns Like the Cold

I had to add this one to the list because I love a good sample. Snoh Aalegra sampled the euphoric song by Isaac Hayes “Ike’s Rap.” You may also recognize the sample from the song Glory Box by ‘90s trip hop band Portishead. Snoh Alegra’s melodic voice will bring your high to another level.

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3. Brijean - Show and Tell

I happened upon this song and it instantly became a favorite of mine. This new band from Oakland, California, teleports you into a moody disco vibe that will make you groove into the perfect high.

4. Theophilus London Ft. Tame Impala - Only You

Tame Impala and Theophilus London teamed up to create an amazing cover of “Only You” by Steve Monite. This 1980s jam is so funky that you will definitely want to be smoking on a sativa and dance the night away.

5. Shabazz Palaces Ft. Thaddillac - Shine a Light

If you’re a fan of the ‘90s hip-hop trio Digable Planets, this song will give you all the feels. They pair iconic golden age rap over a beautiful sample of Dee Dee Sharp’s "I Really Love You." This mashup will surely keep you elevated.

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