A Day Of Quarantine With Pat Lok

R&B & house producer, Pat Lok, joins us this week letting us know what he has been up to while being on lockdown.
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Pat Lok

Pat Lok

This is feature 4 of our quarantine series. Pat Lok, R&B & house producer joins us this week letting us know what he has been up to while on lockdown. If you have not checked out the pilot, you can read it here.

Pat Lok, appreciated for his signature blend of R&B, disco, and house music is our next guest who you probably have seen taking over Spotify. Beyond streaming, his music has led him to tour with artists like HONNE, Galantis, The Magician, and more. After releasing his single “Freefall” a month ago, his latest single “Salvation” was released on April 17. Both of these tracks will appear in his forthcoming Gone is Yesterday EP. The EP stays true to his roots which purports his true artistic creativity. Pat continues to evolve his signature sound that resonates with music lovers worldwide. We caught up with him to see what he has been doing to keep entertained.

1. Where are you quarantining right now? is this your home or home away from home? What do you like most about it?

I'm at my place in West LA. For a second I thought about going back to Vancouver to be with family but I decided better stick it out and try to keep some normalcy. We've got a backyard at the house and my studio, and with no traffic on the roads, the air outside is perfect for running or cycling now.

2. What type of food are you cooking and making? What is your favorite thing to eat?

So I recently started baking. I made a double layer carrot cake with chocolate that turned out well (if a bit sweet) and tried out Yorkshire puddings that were quite tasty with roast beef and gravy. I want to attempt French rum cakes (cannales) but have heard they're complicated. Usually, I like old family recipes, stews, and I love curries.

Pat Lok

3. Are you with friends or family? Alone? Who are you bunkering down with?

There's three of us living here plus the big ol' husky-German shepherd-wolf mix Obie (you might know him from the Corazón animated series) so it's way better than being holed up alone!

4. Are you gaming? Are exercising (if so how)? Are you listening to music or making it? What TV or movies are you watching? What does your day consist of in this new "world" we live in?

Not a serious gamer but I'll play Stardew Valley or Carcassonne online with family and friends. And I've collected weights and barbells to build a little prison yard gym at the house beside my basketball hoop. I'm sure the neighbors love it.

Days are pretty packed - I'm writing remixes and finishing up my second sample pack for Splice. I'm also streaming on Twitch - Tuesdays is a themed radio show, on Fridays I hangout and interview other artists and we give constructive feedback on demos, and Song Breakdown Sundays where I pick classics like Destiny's Child or Justice and do a deep dive on the music and stories behind the hit.

5. What songs or artists are you listening to right now? Can you share a track or musician you are jamming out to?

I'm loving the new Robotaki and Thundercat albums but honestly been listening to a bit less music than normal since I've been mostly holed up in the studio. 

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