A Day Of Quarantine With Niiko x SWAE

23-year-old dance music duo, Niiko x SWAE, joins us this week letting Magnetic in on their indoor festivities.
Niiko & Swae

Niiko & Swae

This is feature 3 of our quarantine series. Niiko x SWAE, a 23-year-old dance music duo joins us this week letting Magnetic in on their indoor festivities. If you have not checked out the pilot, you can read it here.

Coming hot onto the scene in 2019, Niiko x SWAE swiftly rose to prominence with tracks like "Flavor" and "Run This Town," then following that they gained a residency with the Hakkasan Group. The duo made it obvious they are a force in EDM that intends to stay for a while. They have no problem filling a club or festival with their dreamy build-ups, artistic bass lines, and unique rhythms.  It's a no brainer why DJs like Zedd, Steve Aoki, NGHTMRE and more have given their support. 

Like many of us, these gentlemen have been doing their part in social distancing. We caught up with them to see what they have been doing to keep entertained.

1. Where are you quarantining right now? Is this your home or home away from home? What do you like most about it? 

We are safe, sound, and hunkered down at our house in Newport Beach. We are stoked that we can work from our home studio. We also live on the beach so we have been able to draw inspiration from that. It is keeping us sane. 

2. What type of food are you cooking and making? What is your favorite thing to eat?

We are cooking lots of burgers, steaks, and chicken dishes! We love hitting the grill and have made cooking a staple activity during the quarantine. 

3. Are you with friends or family? Alone? Who are you bunkering down with?

We are bunkered down with our manager! Our team is intact so we have enjoyed spending time together and being productive.

niiko & swae

Niiko x SWAE

4. Are you gaming? Are you exercising (if so how)? Are you listening to music or making it? What TV or movies are you watching? What does your day consist of in this new “world” we live in?

Yes! We are big gamers over here- specifically COD Warzone and 2K. We have been swimming and running on the beach to get out all this energy we have. We are not the biggest TV guys right now, but we are a little embarrassed about the amount of time we have spent on deep YouTube during the quarantine. We have also taken this time to make a ton of new tunes, social media content, exploring the worlds of TikTok and Triller, and have been consistently hosting live stream sets. 

5. What songs or artists are you listening to right now? Can you share a track or musician you’re jamming out to? 

Niiko has been listening to the upcoming UK house artist named HODA, especially his track “Vandal."

SWAE has been listening to a lot of Retrovision, specifically his remix of Topic’s "Breaking Me” and his original track "Feel Your Touch."

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