Das Kope's Album 'Where I Live' Is A Psychedelic Examination Of Life In Isolation

Das Kope provides the slow, psychedelic sound of our times.
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Das Kope Where I Live Album Art

Album Art

Los Angeles-via-Brazil artist Das Kope has released his debut album Where I Live today. The album is a psychedelic portrait of a rebel in isolation, which fits too well for all of us in isolation.

Where I Live is mellow and hazy, almost like looking through a kaleidoscope where the world is turning in slow motion. It is a bit of a mix between Tame Impala and RATATAT.

The songs range from murky vocal tracks like “Don’t Be Late Tonight” with its washed out synths and funky bassline or instrumentals slowly advancing at a leisurely pace like “Desert Dome.”

Das Kope blends together murky guitars and synths wit hazy vocals into slow, blurry and psychedelic rock with electronic elements. Isolation can feel like a blur and this captures that lethargic feeling perfectly.

Stream the album below and get your copy here.

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