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Gentlemens Club marks their return to Bassrush Records, this time with a track that is on the lighter side of their genre-bending production capabilities. The track contains a perfect blend of emotions through the use of harmonies, and hype through punchy percussive elements and rippling sidechain. "Moments" pays homage to the old-school dubstep sound that the trio fell in love with during the early stages of their project.

"With all of the negativity impacting each of our lives at the current moment, we thought it would be the perfect time to shed something a little lighter, something to give you the feeling of nostalgia, reminiscent of that special place or special person,” says Gentlemens Club. “We decided to call this track ‘Moments’ to remind everyone of the good times."

Gentlemens Club encourages its listeners to reminisce about the old days, gain positivity, and ultimately live in the moment, which is a crucial mindset to have during times like these. Stream and support "Moments" below!

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