How It Was Made: Reblok - Toxicity [Spinnin]

Reblok explains how he made his new single "Toxicity."

Happy Friday everyone. It's safe to say the days have all blended together and no one knows what is going on anymore. That being said, producers around the world have been spending time in their studios working hard on new tracks. One such artist is Reblok, whose latest work "Toxicity," available now on Spinnin, is a cheeky club take on non other than Britney Spears classic 'Toxic." Below, he walks us through the process of turning the pop anthem into a slick club tool, highlighting the tools he used in the process. 

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Words and photos by Reblok

Well, with making an edit of Britney Spears "Toxic," it all started when 8-9 months ago I randomly listened to a playlist of top 100 hits from the early 2000s. The video of Britney came on (who I had a huge teen crush on haha) and I remembered how much I loved Toxic when it initially came out.

I had a really simple approach to the song. I completely left out the vocals and focused on the strings so it was effective on the dancefloor. I sent it to FISHER about 4 months ago and since then he has been rinsing it in his sets... That's when I realized it was going to be huge!

In comparison to how much time I spent thinking about how to make it, it wasn't as hard to make as I thought... but I think I succeeded in what I did. These are the things I usually use when producing music. I hope it demonstrates that you don't always need a studio to make tracks! 

My ESI NEAR08 8-inch speakers


Rob Papen predator for plucks mostly ..especially trancy ones. I simply love it.


Rob Papen Sub Boom Bass is one of the most wicked bassline VSTs out there if you are into drum n bass and other sub-bass focusing genres.


I've been using Vanguard for about 12 years. I've always liked its gates and arps.


Sylenth does everything really well, especially basslines in my opinion.


Alien 303 is one of the best tb-303 emulators out there. If you are into square or trancy basslines it, this is the right one for you.


I love Glitch because I like surprises. You never know what will come out of this one ...random.


Waves EQs are a must for me..simple as that.


S1 imager waves..probably the best thing out there for widening pretty much anything in stereo. I use it mostly for vocals.


And Sytrus is my favourite of all. It's like a supermarket in VSTi world because it's an all in one kinda of the best and it's native to FL


Reblok's Toxicity is available now. Grab it here

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