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Isolation Ambient Music: Composer Michael Whalen Releases New Album 'Sacred Spaces'

A beautiful and lush ambient album to stay inside with.
Michael Whalen Sacred Spaces

In these times where everyone is stuck indoors, relaxing neo-classical and ambient music has seen a boom. Film, TV, advertising and music composer Michael Whalen released a new album Sacred Spaces earlier this month that captures the type of music needed now.

Whalen for this project avoided presets, creating and programming his own sounds in fine detail—more than 800—over a period of four months. The result is a powerful and captivating album that is beatless, but still has loads of energy underneath tracks like on “In The Footsteps of the Blessed.” The album combines flutes, strings, pianos and light percussion to create a lush soundtrack to your time indoors.

Listen to the full album now and get your copy here.

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