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Isolation Ambient Music: Fabio Florido Shares New LP As Disenthrall 'Back To Earth'

Fabio Florido has released a full ambient LP as Disenthrall.
Fabio Florido

Fabio Florido

We continue our isolation ambient music with Berlin-based Italian producer Fabio Florido who has released an ambient LP under a new moniker Disenthrall titled Back To Earth.

The seven-track, 48 minute project is a sprawling and lush ambient project with strings, piano, flutes and even Gregorian-style chanting. It isn’t too sleepy as each song takes on a characteristic of its own, while the full album has its own cohesive sound.

The project was born out of his experiences participating in healing ceremonies and hosting a succession of his own, which saw him playing sessions of ambient and ancestral music.

“The end of last year was a profound period for me and it came at a time when I could really concentrate on producing. It’s the most prolific I’ve ever been. I took my techno ego and put it to the side, focusing on the positive message I want to send through a different form of immersive music,” explains Florido.

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“This music was created with the intention of taking you back to your earthly roots, inviting you to reconnect and reflect. You’ll hear my fondness for frequencies, which run deep, and for letting the pads, chords and ancient instruments tell the story. These are timeless sounds, sounds which allowed me to completely detach from my environment and I hope this LP will allow you to experience some of that too.”

Stream the LP below or get it on Bandcamp.

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