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Isolation Ambient Music: Lauri Lest Releases Soothing, Synth-Led Album 'Duality'

Some spacey synth sounds to get you through the day.
Lauri Lest

Lauri Lest

Functional club music has lost a lost of its luster given that clubs have closed. This makes other forms of electronic music much more appealing for sitting the long days indoors. With our Isolation Ambient Music series, we highlight various ambient projects that help to calm the nerves and smoothen out stressful days. Today we highlight Estonian electronic musician Lauri Lest and his 6-track debut album Duality.

Duality is built around synths and what they can do with sound. Duality is spacey and hypnotic. It is at times hopeful and other times somewhat dystopian as if our AI overlords were ready to take control of the planet. The LP focuses on spacey synths not unlike Steve Hauschildt or some of the mellower Com Truise records. The tracks are often beatless, but they still have subtle energy flowing underneath.

At 35 minutes, the project flows well and easily from start to finish. Listen to the project below and get your copy here.

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Lauri Lest Duality Cover

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