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Max Cooper & Bruce Brubaker Reworking Philip Glass Compositions On New Album 'Glassforms'

Max Cooper teams up with American composer Bruce Brubaker to reimagine Phillip Glass tracks.
Max Cooper & Bruce Brubaker

Max Cooper has been doing some of the most interesting projects in electronic music over the past few years and that is not changing in 2020. He has teamed up with American artist, musician, concert pianist, professor and writer, Bruce Brubaker on a new album Glassforms that looks to reimagine compositions by Philip Glass in new and exciting ways. Listen to the first single “Two Pages.”

“In Glassforms, Max Cooper and I are together on stage performing a collective artwork. It’s based on music by Philip Glass, but it is a re-invigoration, re- contextualization, post-modernization,” explains Brubaker. “It’s not a re- mix, it’s a new set of clothes!”

They set out to do this not merely with the tools they had their disposal, but with new ones. Cooper worked with software developer Alexander Randon to create a tool that takes live data from the piano and transforms it into new, but intimately related forms, which drive his synths on stage.

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“It’s a risk, an experiment, an exciting project to create—a combination of traditional and modern composition—a modulated authenticity,” explains Max Cooper.

Order and chaos have always been themes with Cooper’s music and they are again with this as he tries to bring order to the chaotic programs, human behavior and world around us. “It’s a balance between order and chaos, which for me, is where the most beautiful music emerges,” Cooper remarks in a statement.

The result is a beautiful album that shines from start to finish.

Glassforms will be released on digital June 5 and on physical July 3. Pre-order the album via InFiné Music here.

See the tracklist below.

1. Prelude
2. Metamorphosis
3. Prelude 2
4. The Poet Acts
5. Prelude 3
6. Two Pages
7. Prelude 4
8. Mad Rush
9. Tirol Concerto
10. Prelude 5
11. Opening

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