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Pioneer DJ Announces rekordbox 6.0 & 3.0 for iOs

You can now sync your library across multiple devices with Pioneer DJ rekordbox 6.0.
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Today, Pioneer DJ has announced the newest versions of its music management software rekordbox and rekordbox for iOs. The new update brings a slew of new features, most notably the ability to sync your library across multiple devices using Dropbox. There are also three new subscription plans: Free, Core, and Creative, each unlocking more features.  

Pioneer DJ rekordbox 6.0
Pioneer DJ rekordbox 6.0

Connecting to the cloud

For the first time, Export mode users can prepare sets in an advanced virtual DJing environment using Performance mode, which is now free of charge. Take out the Creative plan within rekordbox ver. 6.0 and you’ll always have cloud access to the latest version of your library – wherever you are. Prep playlists, tracks, and metadata such as cue points on your studio computer then download it all to your laptop on the road. You can even choose playlists and tracks to transfer to and from your iPhone. So, if you’re trying out ideas like setting Hot Cues on a new track, you can update your library from your iPhone and the changes will be reflected on all your devices. If your computer goes missing or gets damaged, the music and metadata in your DJ library will be up to date and safely stored in the cloud.

Pioneer DJ rekordbox 6.0

In an interesting move, rekordbox for Mac/Windows (ver. 6.0) now integrates with Inflyte, the global music promotion platform. Use rekordbox for Mac/Windows (ver. 6.0) to browse the tracks in your Inflyte Promo Locker and, if you have Dropbox enabled, rekordbox can even automatically import promos for you.

Pioneer DJ rekordbox 6.0 Inflyte

Connect to inflyte

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The new rekordbox for iOS (ver. 3.0) also brings a host of new features to enable smoother preparation for performances and support for more file types. 

Pioneer DJ rekordbox 6.0

iOS app 3.0

Two more interesting features include: 

A new 3-band waveform that uses different colors to indicate the volume of each frequency band. The three elements are either stacked (full-waveform) or layered on top of each other (enlarged waveform) depending on the view you choose, so you can see the composition of the music just by looking at the waveform.

Blue = lows
Amber = mids
White = highs

You can now synchronize the tempo of the master rekordbox deck with other apps on your device, apps on external devices, and hardware that’s compatible with Ableton Link technology. Go back-to-back with DJs using different performance applications, keep samplers and instruments in time with your tracks, and sync your music with VJ and LJ software that supports Ableton Link.

Check out the intro video below, and click here for more information.

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