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The new flagship of the XDJ all in one line has finally arrived in the new XDJ-XZ, which sits alongside the XDJ-R2 and RR, respectively. This new behemoth features full-size jog wheels and more or less feels like a classic CDJ Nexus 2 and 900 setup with only a few tweaks like performance pads and one consolidated screen.

This unit is not something you should compare to the Prime 4 all in one from Denon DJ, as it's just not built for the same type of DJ. The big gripe many have is that you have 4 channels on the mixer but can only use the built-in decks with their respective channels with the other two built for external add ons like turntables, DJS-1000s or even a couple more CDJs. For DJs that play clubs and are used to the Pioneer ecosystem, this is not that big of a deal, and it's not the functionality you would be looking for at this point in the Pioneer lineup - so we are not all that miffed about this "missing" functionality.

Evolve and build the ultimate DJing rig 

Evolve and build the ultimate DJing rig 

What's excellent aside from the two extra channels you get for inputs is that you finally have the link functionality built into the all in one offering, which allows you to add the DJS-1000 and extra CDJs with a proper link so they can sync with your main players.

There are also a variety of ways to playback your music via two USB slots for what's become the standard, or if you prefer, a computer can be connected to control Rekordbox DJ, Serato DJ Pro or Virtual DJ. However, if you are accustomed to using your computer, you might as well just get a less expensive controller from the lineup like the DDJ-1000SRT. The XDJ-XZ is more for the DJ that is trying to stay off the laptop and looking for the traditional club setup.

If you must use a computer, you can AND you can use four decks.

If you must use a computer, you can AND you can use four decks.

Who is this for?

Professional DJs and Producers - This is a great and much more affordable way to add what truly feels like a full nexus set up to your studio or home set up. You can easily transition to a traditional club set up here, it allows you to add decks and turntables, and you can record your mix right on the unit.

  • Cost is $2300 vs. the $7,000+ cost of two CDJ-2000 NXS2s and DJM-900 mixer.
  • Size is nice and compact; it takes one power outlet and has all the essential features. So if you are tight on space, it's a terrific alternative.

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Mobile DJs - This unit is reliable if you are firmly committed to the Pioneer lineup, although might be a bit hefty, but does lack some functionality compared to the Denon DJ Prime 4 for this type of DJ. It works great, and it's nice to have everything in one unit, but the Prime 4 has more essential functionality for mobile DJs.

Build quality - This thing is a tank with the premium build you would expect from Pioneer DJ at this point. Weighing in at roughly 29 pounds, it's a bit hefty and sizeable for an all in one at Width 34.57" x Height 4.66" x Depth 18.35 inches. The point here is to mimic the feel of a true NXS setup, and they achieve that perfectly. The only gripe we can think of is that the control surfaces pick up fingerprints, dirt, and grease quickly and just always looks grimy unless you are diligently cleaning it all the time. The screen technology has also fallen a bit behind, but not that big a deal for most DJs using PDJ gear.

Usability - This unit was purpose-built for the professional DJ that is used to playing on the NXS setup or the prosumer that wants that same functionality at a lower price point. It allows for key additions like additional CDJ/XDJ standalone players, DJS-1000s, or samplers/sequencers and turntables. So we consider this the ultimate all in one for DJs that are not into using laptops and want the classic club feel and functionality.

Should I buy it? - If you are looking to downsize from your current CDJ NXS set up or are looking for that functionality and can't afford it, then YES. If you are a mobile DJ or someone that is looking for a good controller to use with Serato or Rekordbox, this is probably not the unit for you.

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The good

  • Feels like a NXS set up and is a lot cheaper
  • Lots of ways to build it up with extra channels and plenty of output options
  • If you want it to use software, it works with Rekordbox DJ, Virtual DJ, and Serato DJ Pro (see image above)
  • Well built and compact enough for smaller home or studio set up
  • Mic feedback reducer is great

The meh

  • You can't do 4-deck playback internally, just two. Would be interesting to see if they come up with a software update that would let you do that - not a bad idea.
  • Too hefty with not enough functionality for mobile DJs considering all the other options out there. 

Official promo video below. 

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