Premiere: Pierce Fulton - Nest To The Back

Pierce Fulton is launching a new label alongside his brother, Potential Fun, with a new EP.
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Pierce Fulton

Pierce Fulton

Pierce Fulton got his break in the EDM era with a collection of progressive and melodic tracks that fit with the time, but also offered something a little bit different. Since that time, he has broken away from the festival-sized progressive house and put out records that are deeper with more organic instrumentation and his own singing. That evolution has continued into the end of the ‘10s and into the 2020s with a new label project and track coming this Friday.

He has teamed up with his brother and manager Griff Fulton on a label project Potential Fun and are putting out a two track EP this Friday with one tune from each of them. We are happy to premiere the Pierce Fulton track today titled “Nest To The Black.”

It is a smooth and hypnotic ride of melodic breaks with sturdy breakbeats and rumbling bass driving the record underneath fluttering vocals and warbling melodies. It is fun, danceable and perfect for at home listening (stay the fuck home people).

Pierce explains that Potential Fun is a project that he and his brother came up with together “during a very unexpected, sleepless adventure to Mexico earlier this year.”

He goes on further to explain why and how it came together.

“We were heavily inspired by the snowboard and skateboard VHS/DVDs from the 90’s-00’s that we watched as kids together. They shaped our music tastes as there was not much of a diverse music culture in quiet, rural Vermont,” explains Pierce Fulton.

“These videos laid a unique foundation for what would eventually lead to us to start making our own music. We didn’t realize the impact their soundtracks had on us until we watched some of the videos again as adults. The music combined with very artsy cinematography gave us a source of creativity we never would have stumbled upon otherwise. There were no record shops, no venues, no real connection to any sort of musical culture up there in the woods so it was our only exposure to all sorts of electronic, hip hop, punk rock, etc etc.

Potential Fun will be a platform for us to put out music that we see could fitting into some of these movies that we used to watch in our past. We’ve always been drawn to stuff that brings us that similar abstract feeling of excitement & joy that was so formative in our discovery of music growing up together. It just makes sense to go on another musical journey together, that’s what Potential Fun is all about.”

Listen to the “Nest To The Back” below and be ready for the full EP, including a track from Aspetuck (Griff Fulton). 

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