Premiere: Rodriguez Jr. feat. Liset Alea - What Is Real

Rodriguez Jr. will release his new album 'BLISS' later this month.
Rodriguez Jr

Rodriguez Jr.

French electronic music producer Olivier Mateu, better known as Rodriguez Jr, will release his new album BLISSS later this month on Mobilee. Before we can get the full album, the singles must be released and we are happy to premiere the latest for you today titled “What Is Real” with vocals from Liset Alea.

The new single is among the mellowest of the album and coincidentally, the most emotional. “What Is Real” is soft and almost lounge-like, calling on some the classic deep house from the 00’s. The piano melody glides along with Alea’s vocal that helps this track stand out.

The song dives into the current age of information where we are supposedly more connected than ever before, but the physical isolation can feel more disconnected than before.

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“’What Is Real’ questions the disconnection we are living nowadays with technology and alternate online realities and the necessity to find the essence behind it all,” explains Mateu. “It’s a sonic voyage through landscapes that continually call and inspire us: wide open spaces and desert emptiness, while contemplating modernity."

“What Is Real” will be released tomorrow, April 3. BLISSS will arrive on April 24. Pre-order the song here and the album here.

Digital Tracklist:

1. Haussmann
2. What Is Real feat. Liset Alea
3. Polaroïd
4. Blisss
5. Santa Cruz
6. Here to Forget You feat. Liset Alea
7. Monolith Garden
8. Nairobi

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