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Review Autonomous ErgoChair 2: Your Solution To Lower Back Pain Without Breaking The Bank

Up your sitting game without breaking the bank (or your back) with the Autonomous ErgoChair 2
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Autonomous ErgoChair 2

If you are a music producer, chances are you are spending much of your time, if not most of it plopped firmly in a chair staring at your computer screen. While it's not smart to spend too much time sitting, there's also a chance that when you are, you're not sitting in the best chair either. 

Like our mattresses, we often don't invest nearly enough into our chairs, which can have serious long-term effects. In fact, I have a friend who spent so much time sitting in his chair hammering away in his studio that he now has a black disk and had to get surgery. Extreme, I know. 

But that's the reality of what can happen when you don't pay attention to your body and how you treat it. 

You've probably seen the coveted Herman Miller Aeron, but most of us don't have over a grand to spend on an office chair. So what then? There are countless chairs out there making big claims about how great their products are. One company that caught my eye was that of Autonomous, makers of office chairs and standing desks. What struck me about their products was that they seemed to make good products at a reasonable and accessible price point. In this review, we'll be taking a look at their ErgoChair 2, highlighting its key features and my experience in using it.

What is the Autonomous ErgoChair 2?

The ErgoChair 2 is the next iteration of their ErgoChair, and has rebuilt using upgraded components to make it even more comfortable and functional. There are many different ways to personalize your sitting experience. What's more, is that the company actually provides a breakdown of the cost to show how the chair is built and what the money is used for. Pretty sweet. 

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Key Features of the Autonomous ErgoChair 2

There are plenty of great features in this chair. The new Italian tilt mechanism offers multiple levers for you to tailor the support and resistance of the ErgoChair to your exact requirements. The cushioned seat breathes better and even more comfortable than before, and continues to hold its shape longer. 

Lumbar support is a key factor in keeping your back healthy and safe, and patented adjustable lumbar system uses a simple handle to unlock the right amount of pressure to help you maintain a healthy, pain-free posture regardless of your body type.

Sitting in a chair for hours can occasionally be a sweaty affair, and the mesh backing is breathable and soft, hugging you when you lean back to take a break. The tilt-able headrest adds another layer to that and is easily adjusted to your height, preventing any strain or pain. In terms of looks, it looks like a chair you'd like to sit in for hours. The ErgoChair 2 comes in six different colorways. 

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What Is The Autonomous ErgoChair 2 Like?

Never in my life have I had a great chair. It's not that I've had bad chairs, but I've never had a great chair. 

The chair I was using prior to this ErgoChair 2 is a good chair. But it's not great. There's a difference. After assembling the ErgoChair 2, the second I sat down, I knew this was a completely different experience. It's like laying on a quality mattress for the first time. You can instantly feel the difference. I must note that, although sitting in it was great, it does take some time to dial in your chair and really make it yours. Once you do, it feels like the chair was meant for you. I'd say this is the biggest difference between a good chair and a great chair. I still have my old chair as well, and use it when on my laptop, but it's safe to say there's no comparison. 

Assembly is simple and should take you around 20 minutes. The box it comes in is pretty damn heavy, so be careful trying to lift it. The instructions are clear and concise. The lower-back support is great for long sessions, and you don't feel any tightness when you finally get up. I don't have the best posture when sitting and tend to slouch, but even when doing so in this chair, the support prevents any backpain. 

I dig the design as well. Every time I sit down, I feel like I'm taking a seat in a captain's chair ready to give orders. 

Final Thoughts on the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 

I haven't had the chair for a long time yet, so I can't comment on any long-term usage, but so far it's been a great experience. It's comfortable for all-day use, and I have no complaints. 

I also really appreciate and respect how they break down the price for consumers to show transparency of where your money is actually going. I strongly recommend checking out their products. 



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