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The easiest way to record and upload a DJ mix? Possibly
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There's not much left to say about at this time we're spending inside these days, other than it certainly has its ups and downs. One upside is all the time artists are getting to spend making music and or mixing music. But for those who aren't quite so on top of their technology game, when it comes to recording a mix, or studio session, there are countless ways to do so, and the number of options can be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, Evermix has an extremely simple and portable solution to record your audio and upload it directly to your preferred hosting service. Whether recording from home or your next DJ gig, their new EvermixBox4 is a plug and play device that takes the headache out of trying to record, and provides you with high-quality results, at an extremely reasonable price. In this review, we'll be taking a look at the new unit, and highlighting its features, along with my experience. 

What is it? 

The EvermixBox4 is Evermix's latest version of its popular pocket-sized recording unit that plugs directly into your phone and DJ mixer using RCA, which can then be directly uploaded to your SoundCloud or Mixcloud. Its rugged aluminum construction ensures it can handle whatever you throw at it when performing or traveling.


Key features

The biggest feature of the EvermixBox4 is its simplicity. Simply plug it in, press record, and you're ready to go. You can choose from three different options for recording quality: 192kps AAC, 320kps AAC, or WAV. Obviously the higher the quality, the more space it takes up on your phone, so be sure to ensure you've got enough space prior to pressing record. Another big feature is that the EvermixBox4 can also be used as an audio interface when doing a live stream. A major selling point for the current global situation we are in. The unit can also charge your phone when a USB cable is attached to it. If you've ever used any recording device, chances are you've walked away with a distorted and unusable recording do to the input gain being set too high. The EvermixBox4 has built-in self-attenuation software to ensure you're never clipping. You can now record crowd noise by plugging in an external mic. What's more, is that you can edit your recording directly from the app, making sure your mix is polished and professional prior to upload. The unit also comes with a handy carrying case for easy transport. 

My experience

For a long time, I've used a Zoom H4N Pro to record my DJ gigs. You could almost consider it the standard of set recorders. While it's recording quality is undeniable, it's rather bulky, and set up isn't always the quickest. I've seen and known about the EvermixBox since its first iteration, and have always been intrigued, but never really bothered with it because I had my Zoom. Upon receiving the EvermixBox4, I was actually blown away by how small it is. It literally can sit in the palm of your hand. Unfortunately, I've not had a chance to use it in an actual DJ gig situation, which I was planning to do during this year's WMC, but whether you're at a venue or in your bedroom, set up and recording is the same. The most difficult part of using any recorder is plugging into the mixer, minus the Xone 96 since they moved the record out to the top for easy access.


I am curious as to why they chose AAC and WAV, instead of MP3, but perhaps that varies depending on whether you're using an iPhone or Android device. Recording a mix was quick and painless. I didn't save my mix to either of my channels but instead uploaded it to my Dropbox. You can also send the file directly to someone via the various file-sharing options your iPhone gives you. 

The one thing that could prevent one from using this is that you have to plug in an external mic to record crowd noise. Obviously the design of the unit doesn't allow for an internal mic, but having to carry around an external mic that you plug in via 1/8 isn't the most ideal. That also depends on if you want to actually record the crowd, which if you don't, isn't an issue. The only other issue is that since it does plug directly into your phone, you then lose the ability to use your phone for any reason, should you want to take a video or whatever. Although DJing 101 states you shouldn't be on your phone in the first place :)

Final thoughts

Overall, I've very impressed with the EvermixBox4. Its size alone is enough to get many people to use it. Pair that with high-quality recordings, simplicity, and the ability to either use it for live streaming or uploading directly to your SoundCloud or Mixcloud makes it a truly great choice for those looking to capture their performances. Oh, and it's easy on the wallet too. 



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