Review: The G Pen Roam – A New Way To Dab On The Go

We examine the G Pen Roam, a dabber that is easy to take on the go, packs a hot punch and is easy to operate.
GPen Roam

Slim enough to fit in your back pocket, powerful enough to produce thick, water-cooled vapor clouds, and very easy to operate, the new Roam from G Pen is worth considering for all beginner- to intermediate-level concentrate enthusiasts.

About the size and shape of a triple stack of iPhones, the Roam feels satisfyingly solid and natural in the hand. It has a convenient LCD display, making it simple to dial-in your preferred heat level (ranging 600-800 degrees in 25-degree increments) with the temp-up and down buttons. Once powered-on, a quick double-click on the large front button heats the quartz atomizer, which takes about fifteen seconds to get to temperature before staying on for a thirty-second cycle (holding down the button instead activates the manual mode that will turn off the atomizer once the button is released).

This is the first device I’ve played with that functions like a water percolating e-rig in a form factor small enough to keep on my person, and it does both of those things pretty well (make sure to let the atomizer cool down before putting it back in your pocket!) Though social-distancing guidelines have kept me from sharing dabs while enjoying a walk with friends around the neighborhood, I have melted dozens of globs in the Roam while pacing the floors of my home and it is more than up to the task, delivering effective doses in an easy to handle package.

GPen Roam Case Open Dabber

The Roam is very easy to clean too. Cotton swabs and iso are all you need to keep it going smoothly, with a slick design that offers easy access to cleaning the entire vapor path. The unit also has a “MAX” heat setting meant for burning off any hard to mop-up remnants of dabs past. I’ve fully cleaned the unit several times so far, and it is a surprisingly quick and not too unpleasant task.

The natural trade-offs of shrinking a full-size e-rig are water level and battery life.

The Roam is very cleverly fitted with a glass tube, which holds a dropper-full of water that cools the vapor on its way to the mouthpiece. This innovative design element certainly does the job it’s intended for, just not super well. There is just no way for such a small amount of water to sufficiently cool a hot dab – and these dabs are HOT! Over years of experimenting, I’ve learned that I get the most out of concentrates when I heat them between 400-500 degrees. This device’s lowest setting is 600 degrees, and though the vapor it pumps out retains much of the terpene profile, I lose enough to miss it, all while my throat processes a cloud hotter than one to which it’s accustomed.

G Pen Roam Dissasembled


It takes a lot of power to heat an atomizer to 600 degrees. The Roam’s battery is good for about fifteen cycles, more than enough to elevate a few light-to-moderate dabbers before having to plug it back in, but maybe not enough to sustain a long game night with the hash oil heads down the street (not that that’s going to happen again any time soon). The unit does feature pass-through charging, so it can still be enjoyed while plugged in.

Retailing at $250, this device is a well-designed, well-built piece of kit that will satisfy all but the hardest-core flavor chasers.

GPen Roam Case

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