Review: Kanto Audio TUK Speakers

Versatile inputs, sleek design, and premium sound quality
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There seems to be a large grey area when it comes to home listening speaker setups. Often times the choices are over the top or cheap quality. As music producers, we are more in tune with how audio should be presented, which can often lead to frustration when looking for speakers to use outside of the studio. Sure, you could just hook up a pair of monitors to your home listening station, but oftentimes that leads to a less than versatile setup. If you're one of these types, Kanto Audio may have the perfect solution for you. Their latest speakers, the TUK series, is designed to be the ultimate all-in-one solution for your listening needs. Want to plug in your turntable directly into your speakers? Check. Also, want Bluetooth streaming capabilities? Check. What if you want to be able to connect them to your home theater system as well? Check. 

What are they?

The TUK series from Kanto Audio is a premium level bookshelf speaker that is designed to satisfy your listening needs with multiple input sources and pristine audio quality. You could almost put them in the studio monitor category, although they wouldn't be ideal due to the EQ curve. The sleek design will add sophistication to whatever setup you add them to. 


Key features

As I mentioned earlier, the TUK speakers include versatile input options, which include RCA, a dedicated phono pre-amp, optical, Bluetooth 4.2 with aptX HD and AAC codecs, and USB DAC They even have a built-in headphone amp. Kanto also includes a controller to allow for switching between inputs, controlling volume, and more. An optional protective magnetic mesh screen is also included to protect your speakers and give them that home audio look. The speakers are powered by DSP, ensuring crystal clear audio playback regardless of volume. Need more bass? There's a dedicated sub out which, when utilized, filters out frequencies below 80hz to ensure there are no phasing issues and further improves resolution. If your environment requires you to swap the monitors in order to power them, you can easily swap the left and right channels to preserve your stereo image. When using a turntable sans DJ mixer, the speakers also have a grounding screw. Color options include matte black or white.


My experience

Upon receiving the TUK speakers, the first thing I noticed was the sleek and futuristic design. They are very attractive looking speakers that bring a sophisticated edge to their surroundings. Seeing as these are not meant for actually making music, I used them with my DJ setup and for casual listening. Right off the bat, I was impressed by both their clarity and loudness. The bass was nice and tight and the highs were smooth. They do sound a bit scooped in the mids, but this seems to be the standard when it comes to speakers for home listening. That plus enhanced bass and highs generally gives listeners the impression of a very vivid soundstage. This is why they aren't suited for production, although you could use them if you really wanted to. Switching between my input sources was a breeze. I didn't even end up using the controller because the volume knob on the front of the left speaker allows you to switch between inputs when pressed. 


I also didn't use the magnetic screens because I found them to be much more striking without them. If you have kids or have them placed somewhere that you are concerned they'll be damaged, I'd recommend using them. Although I don't have a tv, I did use them when streaming videos and the sound was excellent


Final thoughts

I'm extremely impressed with the TUK speakers. The sound quality is excellent, the different inputs make them extremely versatile, and they look amazing. They aren't the cheapest options out there, but if you're looking for something other than surround sound, I would strongly recommend these for your home listening experience. Especially with all the time we'll be spending inside for the foreseeable future. 



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