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Review: Ultimate Support MDS-100 Modular Desktop Stand + MDS-X Expander

A sleek, innovative, and space saving solution for your studio workspace
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For over 40 years, Ultimate Support has been providing unique and superior solutions for musicians on the stage and in the studio, without charging a fortune. A few years back, they launched a new series of products aimed at producers and their studios. One of those products was an innovative and expandable desktop stand for synths, pedals, and whatever else would fit. In this review, we'll be taking a look at both the MDS-100 stand and its expander option. 


What Are They?

The MDS-100 is a desktop stand that can be used in a multitude of ways depending on your needs. It can small to medium-sized hardware and can be stacked with another unit when using the expansion unit that is sold separately, saving you precious desktop real estate. The MDS-X is a precisely designed expansion piece that not only attached two MDS stands together but adds increased stability as well. 

Stacks on stacks

Stacks on stacks

Key Features

The MDS-100 is made out of a highly durable glass polymer plastic, meaning it will last for years. As mentioned previously, the MDS-100 is easily configurable to fit your needs. There are adjustable sides to keep your gear in place, which is controlled by a knob on the back, and an optional center divider to keep your hardware close but prevent scratches, etc. The adjustable sides are easily removed to allow for larger hardware. The MDS-X Expander easily connects two stands by screwing the three units together.

Big knob energy

Big knob energy

My Experience

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I don't know about you, but one thing I'm always looking at is a better way to organize my studio space. I'm always thinking about how I can best maximize the space I have ergonomically, logically, and if possible, aesthetically. The amount of space available to me depends on how I utilize my desk and organize my gear. I don't have the best space to start with, but I make it work, which leads to even more thinking about how I can best use my work area. On top of that, the amount of gear I have/use is always changing, so you can see it's a constant work in progress. In my quest for achieving as close to a zen-like state as I can in my current space, I came across Ultimate Support's desktop stand, the MDS-100. 


In terms of design, they have a professional and rugged build, and they are able to accommodate many different pieces of kit at once. In my case, I've used it with two different configurations. First, I had my Elektron Digitakt and Digitone on one stand, and my Behringer TD-3 and Source Audio Ventris reverb on the other. It worked great, but then I moved my entire setup around and swapped the TD-3 for my Elektron Analog RYTM MK2. I call it the Elektron power tower. I actually just made that up while writing this, but it's fitting. I had to take off the sides and only use one of the center dividers, which also has a bit of padding on it for extra security. So far so good. 

My Elektron power tower in my studio

My Elektron power tower in my studio

Final thoughts

This is a fairly short and simple review, as the MDS-1 and MDS-X aren't really action-packed accessories, but as with some of the recent reviews I've done, they are the types that blend into the background and you almost forget what life was like prior to having them. That being said, what really stood out to me is the attention to the small details. The modular design approach, combined with the easy configuration adjustments makes these stands a breeze to use. I will say that I wish the lip on the stands was a bit longer to accommodate for even more gear. This isn't a major issue, and probably one that most people won't have, but we are honest people here. Otherwise, I highly recommend checking these out if you're looking for a way to organize and enhance your studio workspace.


MDS-100 $59.99

MDS-X $19.99

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