Soundtoys Makes Effect Rack Plug-in Free To Use Through June 30

Use the powerful plug-in from Soundtoys for free until June 30.
Paul Haslinger Studio

Soundtoys is making its Soundtoys Effect Rack plug-in available to use for free until June 30. As music heads indoors because of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is time to get as much music done as possible and this plug-in can help.

Until now, the multi-effect chain building Effect Rack plug-in has only been available within the Soundtoys 5 bundle. You can sign-up to use the Soundtoys Effect Rack Free through June 30 at soundtoys.com/rack-relief.

“All of us at Soundtoys are staying home to protect our community and our team, and we sincerely hope our users are too. To provide a little relief from uncertainty, stress and boredom, we’re letting everyone use the Soundtoys Effect Rack for free. It’s never been available for purchase outside of the Soundtoys 5 bundle, yet it’s our most powerful plug-in.” said CEO and lead designer Ken Bogdanowicz in a statement. “It’s a small gesture to help ensure artists, mixers, and musicians keep working and stay creative.”

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Effect Rack is a creative multi-effects system that allows you to create custom effect chains. It’s a single, self-contained plug-in that comes preloaded with 14 full-featured Soundtoys effects that you can use within the Rack (not as individual plug-ins), including EchoBoy and PrimalTap for delay, Decapitator and Radiator for rich analog saturation, and powerful rhythmic modulation and filtering from FilterFreak, Tremolator and PhaseMistress.

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