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Spotlight: Gourmet Weed Recipes to Try During Quarantine

Use your time indoors to cook some new recipes that can be fun as well.

The global coronavirus pandemic has introduced added stress and anxiety to most people’s already hectic lives. Vacation plans have been canceled, schools are out, and millions of people have been laid off, but many countries around the world are taking proactive steps to fight the spread of the respiratory virus by issuing a quarantine. It may be difficult for most people to stay home (especially if you’re living in a tiny studio apartment with one window), but it is the only way to reduce community spread, assist our healthcare workers, and ultimately save lives. Cooking is one activity that can help you to relax during this time, especially when you feel trapped at home. Here are some tasty cannabis infused meals you can make yourself.

Lobster mac n cheese

Any recipe that uses butter is easy to convert into a marijuana edible since all you have to do is swap out the normal butter for cannabutter, a cannabis cooking staple. This rich and creamy pasta incorporates gouda, cheddar, and ricotta with lots of fresh lobster for a gourmet spin. We recommend topping the dish with a panko bread crumb and butter layer before baking for a little crunch. This lobster mac n cheese will get you baked and makes for a great side dish but can just as easily serve as a hearty entree. Whip up a large pan so you’ll have leftovers that you can quickly warm up for dinner after a long day working from home.


When cannabis infused wine hit the shelves a few years ago, it seemed like a match made in 420 heaven. Though the art of winemaking is a complex process often passed down for centuries, you don’t need to be an expert vintner to craft your own infusion. Making homemade cannawine is actually a very simple process similar to that of brewing iced tea or iced coffee. Select your wine of choice and decork (just don’t choose a wine like champagne that has bubbles). Put your ground bud in a tea bag or cheesecloth pouch and leave it fully submerged in the recorked bottle for at least 24 hours. Give it a few shakes during that time and that’s all it takes! Pair the drink with the decadent lobster mac n cheese or the pizza recipe for the ultimate self-quarantine dinner party.

Peach chamomile CBD gummies

Gummies have always been the OG of edibles and are still a best seller at marijuana dispensaries across the country. CBD is well-known for relieving stress, depression, and anxiety, which many people are dealing with right now due to uncertainty, financial instability, and remaining in COVID-19 quarantine. This quick recipe calls for CBD oil, which you can make at home or get delivered to your doorstep–many dispensaries are now offering free delivery. If you don’t own a gummy mold (I mean, why would you), you can simply cool your gummies on plastic wrap and cut out fun shapes or use small cookie cutters. CBD gummies are the perfect low calorie treat for those times when you’re stressed about spending all day, everyday stuck in your apartment.

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Roasted Beet Dip

If you’re already sick of store-bought hummus, try this delicious roasted beet dip that goes perfectly with pretzels, chips, crackers, toast, or carrot sticks. Not only is it a whole lot fancier, you’ll also get a full serving of veggies. During your next trip to the grocery store, stock up on fresh beets, feta cheese, pine nuts, lemon, and garlic. This dip will get you blazed thanks to the addition of cannabis-infused olive oil. Creating your own THC oil is the hardest part of the entire recipe, but the oil lasts a long time, so you can continue experimenting with new cannabis recipes until this pandemic blows over.

Homemade pizza

Yes, you can still order your pie and get it delivered, but where’s the fun in that? Now that you’re stuck at home, why not try and be the pizza chef you’ve always dreamed of! It will take some time since you’ll be making the dough from scratch, so take a break from binge watching Tiger King and get cooking. The good stuff comes from cannaoil, which is added to the dough mixture, but can also be drizzled on top of the pizza for an extra punch of much needed cannabinoids. After the dough rises and you roll it out, it’s time to get creative with toppings. Try an out of the box topping combination like artichokes, mushrooms, and olives; shrimp and pesto; anchovies and capers; pear, prosciutto, and gorgonzola; or the ever so trendy cheeseburger pizza.

Lemon cream puffs

For dessert, try your luck at this complicated yet mouth watering lemon cream puff recipe. Start by creating a basic pâte à choux (it’s just a fancy name for light pastry dough). Each pastry is then filled with a tart lemon cream, which is elevated with cannabutter, lemon zest, and dried lemon verbena. Finish off your beautiful Instagram worthy masterpiece by cutting each pastry in half and using a piping bag or adding sliced fruit or berries for a splash of color. Don’t expect to have your cream puffs ready in a hurry since the filling has to set in the fridge for at least two hours and the pastry needs to cool off completely before being filled.

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