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The Director's Cut: Re.Kod - Sketch From A New Era

French producer Antoine Husson aka Re:Kod takes us behind the scenes to how he created his new album.

French producer Antoine Husson, better known by his aliases Electric Rescue and Re:Kod has released a new album as Re:Kod. The alias presents the ambient and subtle electronica side of his music with long, slow-moving compositions that shift between hopeful and haunting. His new album Sketch From A New Era embraces that philosophy, but is a bit different in its approach. It is part one of a double album, the second by Electric Rescue leaning more towards electro and techno titled Esquisse du nouveau monde. They are connected by a film made from a series of 2 fiction episodes produced by Mélanie Daguet and Lambert Saboureux. The double album looks at the point where the human impact on our planet make us decide between ecology and leaving to another planet.

Listen to the album and try and extrapolate the answer yourself. However, we had Husson explain the thinking behind the album on a Director’s Cut feature. Pick up your copy of Sketch From A New Era here.

1. Morning Walk

When I start my day in the morning walking in the field or the forest around my house at the country side I take my dog to walk in the country and relax before going into the studio and start my day. Sometimes you can hear the bells from the church of my village. It’s always a nice time of creation in my head when I do that stroll in green landscapes.

2. Granularium

"Granularium" is the symbol of this morning period, after my morning walk in the green landscapes where I start to experiment in the studio with some sounds or ideas I had during the stroll. This is the moment when you find possibilities to use your machine in an unusual way. For example, I did that strange rhythm with a granular system; I recorded a rhythm loop and put it in the granular system to make this random rhythm. This random rhythm is typically the experimental moment I love in the music. And I love to combine this kind of experimentation with melancholic melodies.

3. Days 2 Days

This is the logical progression from the two first tracks, after moments of reflection, and experimentation comes the moment of ecstasy. I combined hypnotic rhythms, soft experimentation and melancholic melodies that make you start to fly far away on some fantasy world. 

4. Axwin with LudoWic

“Axwin” is an evolution from saturated experimental sensations mixed with deep melodious pads, to bring electronica to the dance floor. LudoWic started the track, and I felt something, which made me think that this could be brought to the dance floor. However, I proposed to LudoWic something evolutionary, a crescendo from experimental downtempo to something made for the dance floor.

5. Monterosso

Monterosso is a small village in front of the Mediterranean Sea in Italy. It’s a bit like a village on a mountain, but in front of the sea. I went to the top of the high cliff to the base of the Monterosse village and I watched the sea. This kind moment where you sit in front of huge and wonderful landscape is always great a source of inspiration, creation or imagination.

6. Lethnos

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This track is a combination of electronica and off beat techno. It is some super raw and rough feelings combined to dreamy and sweet electronica melody. 

7. Wounded Land with Gaspar Claus

“Wounded Land” is all landscapes destroyed by humans, because of money, developing cities or economic use. It was the perfect name to give to that experimentation that pushes in front an industrial feeling combined to the crazy cello from my friend Gaspar Claus. The idea was to ask him to follow that experimentation and he did it perfectly and the combination is crazy. He also pushed his melancholy with his cello to “Wounded Land.”

8. Birdsong

When I go to my house in the countryside, I remember that when I walk in the morning and I go to the studio, I remember bird songs. They sing a lot and it is beautiful but they also sing too much, but in the end it was wonderful. Today, things have changed; birds are fewer because of the treatments in fields pushed by our civilization's consumption. This is like an ode to the birdsong.

9. Enfants d’Afrique

“Enfants d’Afrique” is children from Africa in French. I made this track thinking of all the young African people who don’t have many things to live off of, but you can always see them with a smile. Most of the time they gather around musical instruments and percussions and share musical moments. Music is most of the time one of the only things they can share, and it gives us time to about important things compared to our easy European life that we made complicated and dependent of many material items.

10. Hologram Island

I made this track during a time of musical experimentation. When I finished it and went back to listen to this again, this name came to me: "Hologram Island." No further explanation, it just came to my mind and that was enough.

11. Discovered in Deep Sea

With the main sound of the track, I really felt myself diving into the deep sea and then I discovered all the other sounds and ideas and I decided to compile it as a special story in deep sea.

12. Les Lampions De Mag:

Last year I had a very intense moment. We lost a very good friend, Magalie from the Astropolis festival family. She died of cancer and it was very difficult to process her loss. She was the happiest girl I met. All the memories I have of her were with a smile on her face.

I couldn’t go to the funeral but I was sent some videos from friends at the celebration and it was beautiful; all her friends together. It was super sad but so beautiful in the same time. So I went to the studio and created this track in few hours, put all my emotions and everything I felt in that moment inside this track. She was the sun!

13. Nature got the Upper Hand with Gaspar Claus

I did this track with Gaspar Claus. I started by sending him an electronic piece with evaluative and hypnotizing synthesizers and he continued by adding crazy emotional cello. It was the perfect track to expose that no matter what we want to do, nature will always be stronger and will always have the upper hand. It was nice to finish that album on beautiful pads and sounds coming from Gaspar Cello as a tribute to nature.

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