Video Premiere: HOSH & 1979 feat. Jalja - Midnight (The Hanging Tree)

HOSH, The 1979 & Jalja share the ominous video for their new track.


It is remarkable how some songs seem to go from afterthoughts to big records. Jennifer Lawrence sang a verse from a rather innocuous song done by James Newton Howard in Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt. 1 and it went to 12 on the Billboard chart. It then got a new lease on life with the Michael Bibi version of the song that became a summer Ibiza smash. German producer and DJ HOSH teamed up earlier this year with 1979 and Jalja to put out his own version of the record, adding a sturdy bass line underneath and using the vocal melody to guide strings, fluttering synths and soft pads. Jalja sings the vocal on this version. 

“This track happened like a magic call,” HOSH explains. “When 1979 sent me an instrumental it made a click and in my head I heard the hanging tree vocal on top of it. It turned out it was a perfect match, so I took it from there, made my adjustments and re-recorded the vocal with the talented Jalja.”

Now we are premiering the music video for the track, taking us to Iceland for a very snowy shoot.

It follows a family trying to get together to ride out a massive and apocalyptic “storm of the century” type of snowstorm. The scenery is beautiful and the storm leaves you on edge with its size, darkness and stature.

“I’m really excited about this video. The storm that passes in the video fits nicely with the times we are currently in, with life requiring a bit more from all of us, than just our regular daily routine, to make it through,” explains HOSH. “It is slightly awkward since this wasn’t planned, but a little poetic at the same time.”

Watch the video below and get your copy of the track here.

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