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Willaris .K Releases New EP 'LUSTRE'

The Australian producer has released a new six-track EP.
Willaris K Studio

Willaris. K

Willaris. K has released a new EP LUSTRE. He got his first break with his 2018 project Alchemy and now has another larger body of work to follow that up.

The EP opens with the song that feels like it was always meant to be an opener, the slow burning and haunting “5’OCLOCK” that sounds like the end of days. Then we get into one of the two vocal tracks. The two soft vocal tracks seem like a nice attempt at something different, but they feel a bit odd on this project and can be skipped.

However around them are soothing progressive songs like the mellow “COBAKI SKY” or the more uptempo “DETACH” with its rolling melodies. It all ends with the previously released chill-out finale “PAST LIGHT.”

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Listen to the full LUSTRE EP below and get your copy here.

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