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As we inch a few steps closer towards reopening the world, the amount of music being released continues to skyrocket along with an increased rate of listening hours by fans. It is safe to say that there were a lot of unique tracks released within the realm of bass music this month from artists such as Duke & Jones, JVNA, Crankdat, pluko, Eprom, Juelz, and many more. The tracks in May's chart will certainly make you raise an eyebrow at times in reaction to seemingly impossible production techniques.

So relax (or pump yourself up), throw on a pair of headphones, and let's jump right into the 15 best bass music tracks of may 2020.

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22-year-old Manchester-based duo Duke & Jones top off this month's chart with "Escape." It is really hard to put this track into a genre because of the various elements of trap, hip-hop, and bass. This fusion of genres makes the track a memorable one, along with lush vocal samples, and synthwave leads. Duke & Jones offer a unique textured sound that is complemented by a simplistic aesthetic, which has helped them gain support from some of the top dogs in dance music. The duo has been releasing music constantly this year, with "Escape" being one of the many tracks they have released over the past few months.   


Los-Angeles-based JVNA makes her return with a heavily supported single "Safehouse." The release sparked a lot of buzz, as JVNA posted to social media explaining that the track is her first single off of her debut album that is expected to come later this year via Proximity. This melodic bass track is enhanced through her harmonic vocals, largely distorted basslines, and simple drum patterns. An album is amongst us, so we should expect a lot more music coming from JVNA in the following months.


To celebrate his 20th birthday, Pennsylvania-based pluko dropped "Go" as the lead-off track for his new album COLOR BLIND. Nearing a total of three minutes of playtime, this is the perfect track to kick off his album.  The crispy high end, stereo imaging, tight low end, and rhythmic drum patterns, all showcase pluko's exceptional sound design skills that he has increasingly developed since the launch of his project back in 2016. Expect to hear "Go" a lot more frequently throughout artists shows, as it is the perfect high energy track to start off a set.

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Dirt Monkey and SubDocta team up to bring us a wave of wonky and trippy bass. The wubs and bass create the power of the track, while increasingly evolving into more aggressive and grimey sounds as it progresses. The percussion and rhythm are simple yet unique, as the duo uses a hollow-sounding snare, distinctively textured hi-hats, and a heavily saturated kick. The release comes along with Dirt Monkey recently announcing that his new 15-track album is almost complete, so expect a lot more coming from the Boulder-based producer this year.


Arriving on the scene in 2019, BRVMES returns with "Magra," which is quite possibly his most gloomy release to date. This track is a journey full of unique elements that stress attention to detail in regard to sound design. The mysterious producer seems to be continuously delivering a new twist on dark techno and warehouse vibes by applying various bass elements with a medieval and sleek aesthetic.


Yula returns with a heavily emotional remix of Forester's "Kerosene." The track is brought to life with extremely airy and long reverbs, vibrant vocals, and a large final future bass drop. The most beautiful and compelling element of this remix is the way that Yula is able to create a build-up that evolves from virtually nothing to a huge release of energy by introducing vocal chops, harmonic undertones, percussion, and proficient automation. This track will be on repeat in your playlists if you are looking for an addicting and memorable new song.


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Los Angeles and Detroit-based producer Qlank makes his return to Night Bass with "Ohh," which is part of his four-track Alien EP. "Ohh" contains a gripping rhythm, pulsating basslines, and filthy leads. This track is perfectly suited for the rave scene when it makes its return. With merely 2 and a half years of activity, Qlank has made his mark in the bass house community, in addition to dabbling into the genres of midtempo, tech house, and drum and bass.


After being teased as the lead-off track on RL Grime's Halloween VII mix, Vancouver-based Juelz releases "High Octane," which is included in his High Octane EP that was released on RL Grime's novel Sable Valley. This track is full of nonstop energy, with bouncy vocal chops, machine-like synth leads, and classic saw waves. "High Octane" and its production value is a perfect example of the state of trap music, through Juelz effectively mixing extra crispy high end that is complemented by a tight, yet dense low end. Juelz continues to get support from some of the top names in bass music and is definitely only at the beginning of his project that has gained exponential growth in recent history. 


Coming off of a stellar set at Digital Mirage, EPROM returns with an eerie track, "Secret Technique." This track includes everything we expect, from grueling basslines, milky subs, lively high end, and chilling effects. "Secret Technique" comes right after their previous release on Deadbeats, that being the Aikon EP, which performed very well throughout the bass community. 


Italy-based MSFT continues to stay active with his remix of Hudson Mohawke's "Chimes." There is a perfect balance of melodic and harmonic aspects, that are countered by glitchy mayhem in the drops. The track is carried by some insanely groovy hip-hop-inspired drum patterns and rhythms. Additionally, MSFT uses numerous variations of bass throughout the track going from a Reese bass, to a classic 808, to punishing sub-bass during the drop, which is glued together through mid and high-end bass patches to bring forward all the necessary frequencies. 


Crankdat and void (0) team up for this highly anticipated collab "Poppin." Crankdat had teased this track at a lot of his shows earlier in the year, and finally, we get the full-on track as a release through Kannibalen Records. Quarantine continues to be treating both producers well, as Crankdat has been consistently streaming on Twitch numerous times a week, covering everything from sound design, to digital 3D design. You can also follow Crankdat's quest to getting the largest ass in EDM, if you are looking for a laugh.  


Normally a duo to release heavy-hitting anthems, Pixel Terror takes a different approach with their new single "Chroma," which gained support from Monstercat. This track reveals a more bright and feel-good side of the Pixel Terror project. The production was kept simple this time to allow Emeline's vocals to shine through the mix. The duo has proven that they are able to showcase a chill side, along with all of their other harder bass releases. 


Las Vegas-based PURGE effectively reworks BRONSON's "Heart Attack." The track is remixed by adding elements of wobbly bass, soothing arpeggios, and heavy-hitting drums. The melodic dubstep twist really adds a new sort of energy to the track. PURGE continues his run this year through maintaining a consistent release schedule, and by landing guest mixes on various radio shows, more recently on Diplo & Friends back in March. 


Huelva, Spain-based Perfect Kombo makes his return to Elektroshok Records with "Daddy Cool." The track features a classic addicting breakbeat groove, unique vocal mixing, distorted basslines, and simmering effects. Perfect Kombo adds another track titled "Franky Story" to create the Daddy Cool EP. Check out his discography, as he appears to be resurfacing his project at full force over the past few months.


After coming off of an EP release and a remix off of Illenium's Ascend, Tisoki returns with yet another distinctive remix of Steve Aoki's "Cut You Loose." With just over 3 minutes of playtime, this track is simple and uses a minimal amount of sounds to create a memorable tune. The low end is smooth and heavy, while the lead at the drop is heavily processed with distortion, saturation, and reverb. Tisoki continues his all-star run through 2020 with this remix and we will certainly see more of him in the coming months.

Stream the full chart below.

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