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A Day Of Quarantine With J. Worra

Originally from Chicago, we have J. Worra answering a few questions on what her daily regiment has been like lately.
J. Worra

J. Worra

This is feature 6 of our quarantine series. Originally from Chicago, we have J. Worra answering a few questions on what her daily regiment has been like lately. If you have not checked out the series, you can read more here and see what other DJs have been up to.

J. Worra has been tearing up the tech-house scene in the last year. With performances at major festivals like CRSSD to playing her hometown club The Mid in Chicago, her music takes 4 on the floor to another level. She just released a new track called "JUST BECAUSE" out on Insomniac Records and Realm Records, Gorgon City's label. She set's her own style with her signature technique and unparalleled arrangement of her tracks that keeps everyone eager for more.

From playing Words With Friends to watching Love Island, see what the quarantine party is like at J. Worra's house.

1. Where are you quarantining right now? Is this your home or home away from home? What do you like most about it?

Currently in my apartment in LA! Yep, this is home and I have my studio upstairs so I feel lucky that I can still create every day. I don't think I have had this much "downtime" in a decade, I have finally caught up on a lot of sleep, haha.

2. What type of food are you cooking and making? What is your favorite thing to eat?

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Cooking a ton of vegetarian food and eating all the snacks in sight. I have a strange addiction to Junior Mints right now.

3. Are you with friends or family? Alone? Who are you bunkering down with?

My girlfriend and I have been in quarantine for the last month and a half along with our's a fun crew to be locked in with.

4. Are you gaming? Are exercising (if so how)? Are you listening to music or making it? What TV or movies are you watching?

The only game I'm playing is Words With Friends, so you could consider me a very serious gamer. Haha, I am not but I will get around to it...eventually. I have also had the ability to take longer breaks in between production sessions and I think that has been a massive help to the finished records. Some shows I am watching are All American, Love Island, The Voice, Songland, 90 Day Fiance...we are all over the place with our binges.

5. What does your day consist of in this new "world" we live in?

I've still been grinding a lot but, the big difference is if I don't feel up to doing something I can take a break, pause, sleep, etc. It is a pretty nice feeling (for now).

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