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A Day of Quarantine with Saint Punk

SAINT PUNK, a rocker gone EDM accompanies us this week letting Magnetic know what his past few weeks have been like.


This is feature 5 of our quarantine series. SAINT PUNK, a rocker gone EDM accompanies us this week letting Magnetic know what he has been during these weird-ass times. If you have not checked out the series, you can read the last edition here.

SAINT PUNK, a Los Angeles native is breaking through the electronic music scene with some bangers. Originally in a rock band, he has converted to the dark side... and turned DJ. His technique stays true to his rock roots while mixing some dirty bassline's in every track that get people moving. You can even find some hip-hop roots in his music. His new track out on Jauz's label BITE THIS called "It Never Stop" showcases the signature style that has him rising to prominence. The mixing of the vocal chops within the drops is some next-level talent. 

We caught up with him to see what he has been doing to keep entertained.

1. Where are you quarantining right now? Is this your home or home away from home? What do you like most about it?

I’m at my apartment in Los Angeles. It’s where I live and work so nothing has really changed in terms of that. I have my studio here so it’s great I can still get things done the same way as before.

2. What type of food are you cooking and making? What is your favorite thing to eat?

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I have been making a lot of pasta and tacos. Tacos mostly though. I can never have enough Mexican food. With some margaritas, you can just pretend you’ve been on a Mexican getaway for a while.

3. Are you with friends or family? Alone? Who are you bunkering down with?

I live with my girlfriend so we’ve been holding it down. We actually both got sick, she got it worse. After chest X-rays, her doctors concluded it was COVID. The last few weeks were pretty shitty, got scary there for a minute. She’s finally feeling better though so hopefully it’s all good.

4. Are you gaming? Are exercising (if so how)? Are you listening to music or making it? What TV or movies are you watching? What does your day consist of in this new "world" we live in?

Been debating on getting a PS4. Never really been a gamer but it seems appropriate now. We’ve watched so many classic nostalgic movies. Weekend At Bernies, Can't-Wait, Major League haha. The day usually starts with getting out of bed around 10ish, having some breakfast, and then getting into the studio. Happy hour at 5 and then dinner and a movie!

5.  What songs or artists are you listening to right now? Can you share a track or musician you are jamming out to?

Been listening to a lot of nostalgic music too! 90's hits. Staying up on all the homies new releases too. Kitone just released a banger with Arty called "Redline."

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