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Boys Noize Releases New Project Featuring Raw, Analog Jams Made Live On Twitch

Boys Noize drops some new jams on Bandcamp.
Boys Noize

Boys Noize

Boys Noize has released a new surprise project (seems to be a theme today) with songs he has been making live on Twitch during quarantine. All of them were made live on Twitch but the bonus track. Titled, STRICTLY BVNKER VOL. 1 - The Lockdown Sessions, the seven analog jams are heavy and purposeful.

They feel raw because they are just out of the oven, with heat still emanating from each kick drum.

The tunes range from gritty and raw techno to purposeful acid and hard electro. These are not for the faint of heart. These are for turning the lights down and throwing your limbs wildly alone in your house. Turn your residence into a bunker and go fucking bonkers. Welcome to the STRICTLY BVNKER.

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Listen to the full project on Bandcamp now.

Boys Noize Strictly BVNKER

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