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City Guide: Balneário Camboriú With Chemical Surf

Chemical Surf explain the best places to go out, eat and more in Balneário Camboriú.

Brazil has long been known as an international party destination, with its warm waters, vibrant culture, and generally great weather. Brazillian duo Chemical Surf has become one of the region's top acts, reflecting the country's flare and excitement in their DJ sets. Below, the duo takes us through the beach city of Balneário Camboriú, highlighting the top clubs, bars, and weekend destinations.

Words by Chemical Surf

Chemical Surf

Chemical Surf

We all like a good drink, so where are the top spots to head to before a night out?

The nightlife in Balneário Camboriú is super strong. For awesome drinks, go to Uvva, Selenza, and La Belle. You should try the "caipirinhas" at Uvva, they are amazing.

Where can you find the best clubs / late-night venues in town?

In the Balneario region, we have some very special Brazilian clubs, such as Green Valley, El Fortin, Belvedere, and Warung. Green Valley has been voted the world's No.1 club in DJ Mag, so it's definitely a must.

Chemical Surf Green Valley Club

Chemical Surf at Green Valley

Best dirty late-night street food option?

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Everything is closed late-night, so the only option is McDonald's! 😁

Your Sunday escape plan when you need to get away from it all?

When we need to get away from it all, we go to our place in Praia do Rosa. It's a beautiful and peaceful beach.

Praia Brava

Something everyone should do when visiting Balneário Camboriú, but probably haven’t?

You should go to Praia Brava in the first place! You will love it. The water is beautiful (crystal clear) and it's a great place for water sports such as surf and bodyboarding.

A track that reminds you of your childhood in the city?

Our track "Good Time" was the most requested song on Rádio Transamérica (a local radio) for 2 months and it really helped us to play at all of these local and very important clubs. It influenced our move to Balneário and has a very special meaning for us.

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