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You remember it, in fact, you still might indulge from time to time even though you know it's not the best idea for your toilet. It's that guilty pleasure pit called Taco Smell, err Bell, and the Taco Supreme is its masterpiece. The good news is that we have found a way to bring you back to this college staple without all the guilt and gastro carnage.

Meet the vegetarian Taco Supreme crafted with plant-based meat, a seven-layer bean dip (in our case, we used a six-layer, but you get the idea) and some soft tortillas for that authenticity.

The great thing about this meal is that it takes about 10 minutes to make and will feed a family of four or two if you are really going for it.

The Veggie Taco Supreme

What you need:

Soft Tortilla - Any brand will do, and you can use either taco sized or burrito sized depending on what you want to craft here, a burrito is just as easy. If you want to go healthier, you can get whole wheat soft tortillas that are also quite good.

Six or Seven Layer Bean Dip - These are at every grocery store in the fresh food or deli section. A lot of stores will even make one in house, which is always the best way to go. Getting a good one is vital, so you might have to experiment. This dip is the majority of your ingredients.

Deliciou Taco Seasoning - It doesn't have to be this brand, but they make incredible seasonings and a plant-based chicken protein that we will be using in other recipes.

Plant-Based Ground Beef - There are a variety of brands, and we have tried a good number of them. They are consistently sold out at our local market, so we tried this one from xx, and it was decent. Our favorite is Beyond Burgers, and Impossible Burger is impressive, but not available in markets yet - we hear it's soon.

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High-Quality Olive or Avacado Oil - Get the good stuff; this is soaking into your meet, giving it flavor and helping with the texture.

dip, seasoning, lime

Step 1 - Heat up a frying pan with a couple of tablespoons of oil and then add your plant-based meat. The oil is the key here; you want to get the meat evenly covered and minced up to get that Taco Bell consistency. See the picture; the meat should look juicy, not all dried out - you make this mistake; there is no coming back.

Step 2 - As soon as your meat is browning nicely, it's time to add the first round of seasoning. I like to pour a smooth shake across the entire pan and then mix it in to get the base seasoning done. After your meat is done, turn off the heat immediately, get it ready to serve, or run the risk of it drying out. You want to get this meat right into the tortilla for the best results.

Step 3 - There are two ways to do this; you can go with the classic style tortilla or crisp it up a bit in another frying pan with a little bit of olive oil. Take your tortilla and scoop in about three tablespoons of dip, making sure you get all of the ingredients from top to bottom. Then smooth it out on the tortilla and then lay in your meat and shake on a little more taco seasoning. You can gently mix the ingredients to blend all the textures and flavors a bit better.

Another add on is some classic Taco Sauce, even better if you can get some packets from Taco Bell.

Step 4 - fold and eat, then get nostalgic. For that extra bit of nostalgia, pair it with a PBR or a Mountain Dew - or don't.

Prep Time 5 minutes / Cook Time 5 minutes - In your stomach in 10 minutes. 

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