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Instagram Makes Platform Pretty Useless For Live Streaming Music -- Adds 90 Second Warning For Songs

Instagram has made doing DJ sets on their platform pretty much impossible.
Mutek SF 2019 Hydroplane dj setup

Instagram has made using their platform for live streaming music pretty useless. In a post last week, they outlined new rules for streaming music on their platform. They list guidelines that encourage users to keep songs to only 90 seconds at the most or else they will get a warning that the stream will be muted or taken down.

“To minimize these interruptions and to prevent confusion around audio use, we’re also improving our in-product notifications. These notifications are intended to alert you when our systems detect that your broadcast or uploaded video may include music in a way that doesn’t adhere to our licensing agreements,” explains Instagram.

“Updates include making notifications clearer and surfacing notifications earlier to live broadcasters, to give people time to adjust their streams and avoid interruptions if we detect they may be approaching our limitations. And if your video is muted or blocked, we’ll make it clear what actions you can take to stop the interruption.”

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They encourage people to use music in their Facebook sound collection, which has “thousands” of songs.

One has to wonder why they can’t get blanket licenses for music to make it possible for creators to use their platform with ease. They have the money to pay labels and content creators. That can’t, or shouldn’t be the issue, so they must have some other reason.

This makes DJ mixes impossible on Instagram unless you are doing sound battles or you mix really quickly. However, if you are mixing regular dance records, Instagram isn’t for you. Facebook can be just as bad, so head to Twitch or Mixcloud

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