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Lights Out Premiere: Dimi Angélis - Monkey On Juice [KEY Vinyl]

A relentless techno hammer from Dimi Angélis.
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Today, Lights Out brings you an exclusive premiere from leading techno artist Freddy K's label KEY Vinyl. Taken from his forthcoming LP 6th Floor or Basement, "Money On Juice" by Dimi Angélis is a relentless techno hammer perfect for laying waste to the dancefloor. Although simple in structure, the kick and bassline roll through like a freight train, which is just what you want for those early morning moments. "Monkey On Juice" will be available on May 15th.

Track: Monkey On Juice

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Artist: Dimi Angélis

Label: KEY Vinyl

Format: Vinyl + Digital

Release Date: 5-15-2020

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