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My Toolbox: Butch

Butch explains the essential gear he uses to make music.
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It's hard to deny the work ethic of producer and DJ Butch. Having muscled his way to the top of the food chain via hard work and determination, his lengthy discography perfectly reflects his passion and drive. Fresh off his remix for techno icon Alan Fitzpatrick, which you can grab here, we wanted to know just how he did it. In this latest edition of My Toolbox, Butch shows us the secret ingredients to his success. 

Words and photos by Butch


Roland 303:

I use my 303 in different ways. Often, I write basslines on it and obviously to make acid tracks, as in “Quiet Storm”. But I also like using it in subtle ways, as in my new Remix for Howling’s “Bind”. The 303 is there throughout the whole song, but it’s not as obvious there.

Roland TB-303


MPC 3000:

I love my MPC. I love the grooves it makes, the sound which comes about through the downsampling process, I love hitting the pads. I used this in “Rawhide” and many other songs. If I feel like starting a new song with drums, I always start with my MPC! I think I’ve had it for nearly 20 years now.

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MPC 3000

MPC 3000

Moog MiniVoyager:

Out of all my hardware - except of course my computer - this is the piece of gear I’ve used most. I mainly use it for basslines and for lead sounds. A sucky thing happened not too long ago: it fell down and now some of the keys don’t work anymore. I guess I need to send it off to be repaired.

Moog Voyager

Moog Voyager

Vestax Mixer PMC07:

This isn’t something I use for producing, but to let loose and have fun, when I need a break. This was my first DJ mixer and I prepared with it for all the turntablism battles I took part in, in the 1990s. I suck now, but when I need a break, I just go to my turntables and mixer and scratch the living shit out of some records flying around. That always gives me energy, it’s fun and afterward, I feel refreshed and ready to get back to working on my songs.

Vestax Mixer

Vestax Mixer

Mac Pro 2009 - own upgrade:

I still have the same Mac Pro I bought over 10 years ago. I upgraded and upgraded this beautiful computer so much, I actually think it’s better than the new Mac Pro out there. But I’m getting to the point where I can’t install the new OS anymore. I still hope to use this bad MFer for as long as possible. Oh, the DAW I use is Logic.

2009 Mac Pro

2009 Mac Pro

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