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Novation Launchpad X's New Integration With Logic Pro X 10.5

Logic Pro users finally have the nonlinear workflow they have been craving and the Launchpad X is the perfect companion

Things just got a lot more exciting with Logic Pro's massive new update with 10.5, especially the Live Loops functionality. This layout has been in GarageBand for a year or so and has finally made the jump to Apple's pro platform giving Logic users a long overdue sketch function that Ableton users liked to rub in our faces. Not anymore!

The cell-based looping playback and performance view is a fantastic way to test out your sounds together quickly, and build your groove. You can move from cell to cell individually, or launch entire scenes all at once. The Launchpad X, with its eight by eight grid, colorful and expressive pads, extends the Live Loop experience and brings that hands-on experience.

The cells in the Live Loops grid can contain one-shots, loops, MIDI patterns our and even automation data - giving you an incredible "jamming" tool. Samples can be dragged-and-dropped, and software/hardware instruments can be recorded live into Logic's tracks area to build your arrangements quickly and naturally - as if you were jamming with a band.

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Getting your Launchpad X set up is simple with the new automatic integration. You plug in a compatible Launchpad, and Logic's Control Surface Setup window will notify you of a connection. One thing you need to remember to do is to rotate the device 90 degrees to match the layout of the Live Loops grid, so the orientation is correct. If you get bored of just having one, you can attach multiple Launchpads to use them simultaneously.

If you are someone that needs a little tactile sensibility in your workflow or looking to up your live performance, the Launchpad is an essential piece of kit. It's nice to have the nonlinear functionality in Logic Pro finally, and the Launchpad X is the perfect companion for this type of creator.

MSRP $179

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