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Simple, Clean, Creative

Simple, Clean, Creative

Reverb and delay are two of modern music's greatest tools and are made by a variety of different developers, each with their own unique characteristics. Recently, the awesome folks over at Baby Audio unveiled their own analog-modeled delay called Comeback Kid Delay. Today, we'll be reviewing the new plugin, taking a look at its key features and my overall experience with it.

What Is It?

Comeback Kid is an intuitive, fun, hands- on-delay with analog flavor. Delay plug-ins can be found on pretty much any street corner these days so what sets this one apart? Well, let’s just jump right in. 

Key Features

This multifaceted delay engine will keep you on your toes and play with your source sound in ways you didn’t expect. There’s no menu diving or hidden features, just 14 one-knob effects that add analog-style movement and character to your sounds. 

Comeback Kid’s lay-out is creatively modeled after the flow of an analog signal path with 5 main sections: Shaper, Stereo, Delay, Flavor, and Output. Setting up the delay is relatively easy with 3 BPM-sync modes: straight, dotted, triple, and of course, free mode: 0.01 ms - 2500 ms. Another feature I dig about this plug-in is the onboard Ping Pong option. All of that complete with 61 presets and 2 themes of "light" or "dark" mode. And of course, all parameters can be easily automated in your DAW.

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The characteristics of the delay can be molded to fit your needs with analog-modeled filters, transient sculpting tools for the delay itself, analog-style movement and saturation effects, algorithmic reverbs, stereo field manipulation, and there is even an option to mono or ping-pong your delay. If you desire a more modern, polished sound to your delay the "Ducker" is here for you. It’s an effective feature that gets the delay out of the way for a more powerful source sound. If that isn’t enough for you, then flip the "Destiny" switch and leave your delay up to chance with some light randomization! 

My Experience

I was most impressed with the versatility of this plug-in. You can take your source sound from something with a gentle slapback to a more playful swirling textured delay to an all-out assault of creative movement and analog randomness. I put it on everything! Synths, drum machines, vocals, fx, basses, busses; I am happy to report it sounded great and was very fun to use in every instance. The feature I spent the most time using and now can’t live without is what they call "off-mode." Just double click the “Comeback Kid” logo to disable the delay engine and use the onboard FX and coloring options to your dry signal. This delay plug-in has made it’s way to a new place in my busses and sends/returns.



For more information on Baby Audio’s Comeback Kid Delay, click here

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