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Spotify Finally Lifts Cap On Saved Songs To Library



Spotify has finally done something that has been the bane of many user’s existence for years. They have finally lifted the cap on the number of liked songs users can save to their library. Now users can save more than 10,000 songs to their library with no cap on the amount of songs they can save.

It always seemed arbitrary and dumb to have this cap. I have deleted so much music trying to make way for new releases and now finally this has been lifted. With over 50 million tracks and tens of thousands being added to the service each week, it was impossible to keep the number under 10,000, but now we can add as much music to our library as possible.

There are still limits on other parts of the service though. Individual playlists can only hold 10,000 songs (you need to work on curation if you have 10,000 songs in a playlist), and users can only download up to 10,000 songs on each of their five different devices for offline listening.

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The feature is still being rolled out to all users, so that error may show up for some, but it should disappear soon.

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