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Spotlight: Online Music Lessons: The Good and the Bad

Online classes are incredibly effective for students who are dedicated and willing to learn
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Are you considering online music classes? Well, you’re not alone. Many people are taking their passion to a whole new level with self-taught online music classes. From YouTube videos, written tutorials to live sessions with an instructor via Skype, Zoom, or other live video and conferencing apps, there are many ways to start your journey to learn how to play your favorite instrument. 

The question is - are online music lessons effective or a path to limited musical skills? The answer depends on how you look at it.

The Good - Learning Music Online is Inspiring

Online music lessons provide an audio-visual experience similar to what you would experience in an in-person class. It’s a good starting point for beginners, anyone who has a passion for playing musical instruments, music lovers on a self-exploration journey, and even serious musicians who want to fine-tune their skills.

According to Musician Authority, a website that teaches beginners how to play a variety of instruments online, learning online is convenient and offers lots of resources for inspiration. You can learn anytime you want, at your pace, and practice your skills with ease. You can either choose free learning resources or paid lessons for beginner or advanced classes.

What About Instrument Options and Course Materials?

It’s easy for most beginners to assume that not all musical instruments are available for practical lessons. But with so many people in love with music, you’ll most likely find someone - either a beginner like you to connect with or a pro offering music lessons. There’s a wide range of instrument options available online.

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You can find music lessons dedicated to learning various genres of music, how to play different musical instruments, and music theory and notation. And because practice plays a vital role in learning how to play musical instruments, most music tutorial websites offer free or paid course materials either online or downloadable ones, to help you practice lessons.

The Bad - Which Isn’t Always the Case

Online music lessons are great, but there are a few drawbacks you should know. Learning to play a musical instrument takes hard work, commitment, and dedication. Some people find it challenging to keep up with scheduled music lessons and practice sessions when learning online. If self-teaching is not your thing, online music lessons may not be enough for you.

There’s also the issue of learning bad habits or improper musical instrument techniques without an in-person tutor to help correct your mistakes. The feedback you’d get and one-on-training offered in a physical music class lacks in online training. However, you can resolve this by combining online lessons and a few in-person classes to advance your skills.

Learn, Practice, and Gain Knowledge

Online music lessons are a good option for anyone who wants to learn something new - it could be an instrument, a music genre, production, or composing music. You have access to hundreds of pieces of music to learn. For paid music classes, you get the opportunity to work with a master teacher on your skills.

To improve your skills, you have to go beyond learning and practice as much as you can and also gain as much knowledge as possible. Look for local music meet-ups or visit a local music shop where you can get some introductory lessons and meet with people who’re also learning. Get yourself music instruction books on your favorite instruments, too.


Online classes are incredibly effective for students who are dedicated and willing to learn. Fortunately, the internet provides many resources - both paid and free that you can access anytime, from any location. 

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