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The 15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of May 2020

May saw plenty of feel-good tunes from BCee, LSB, Koven, and more

2020 has proven to be quite the tumultuous year so far. When things get difficult, music becomes more important than ever – it unites us across borders, reminds us that we’re not alone, gives us an escape from reality or the push we need to get through whatever battles, big or small, we are facing. There is so much amazing music coming out of all the chaos in the world, and below are a few of our favorites from May.

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1. Fox Stevenson – “Like That” (Pilot) 

It’s no secret we’re massive fans of Fox Stevenson, so seeing a new single from him this month was a huge treat. Anyone who has seen him perform over the past year or so might recognize this one – “Like That” is a buoyant, upbeat number packed full of Fox’s unmistakable charisma and a whole lot of fun. Good luck getting this one out of your head anytime soon! 

2. Gardna - Good Time Not A Long Time (ft. Omar) (Watch The Ride Remix) (Gardna Music)

Delivering the ultimate good time vibes, Watch The Ride, a Bristol based DJ collective made up of DJ Randall, DJ Die and Dismantle, give Gardna’s “Good Time Not A Long Time” the remix treatment with plenty of old school jungle flavor. Catchy, upbeat, and a whole lot of fun, this one is sure to leave you with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. 

3. BCee feat. Charlotte Haining and Tempza – “In The Moment” (Spearhead)

Another incredibly calming number, BCee teams up with industry favorites Charlotte Haining and Tempza for the aptly named “In The Moment.” Soothing from the moment you press play, BCee certainly has a gift for producing such relaxing escapes, reminding us to just stop, take a breath, and live in the moment.

4. Steve Aoki – “New Blood” (Koven Remix) (Ultra) 

A big look for drum & bass and hot on the heels of releasing their debut album Butterfly Effect, Koven are at it again with this remix for none other than Steve Aoki (who slid into the duo’s DMs to make this one happen). Even without Katie Koven’s vocals on this one, their signature vibrant energy is present throughout the production and adds such an infectious twist to the track, reppin’ the only DnB track on the colossal 26-track Neon Future IV remix LP. 

5. IMANU – “Bloom” (Vision) 

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Flume, Sophie, and Lapalux, IMANU (previously Signal)’s latest release is arguably one of his best to date – and totally out there. At times smooth and elegant while glitchy and offbeat at others, the juxtaposition present could only be pulled off by a handful of producers, and IMANU certainly did a remarkable job. 

6. Flowidus & Trei - Don't Breathe In (w/ Linguistics) (Elevate)

Aussie duo Flowidus team up with Kiwi Trei and London based Linguistics for this loud & proud number on Friction’s Elevate Records. While we remain on lockdown in the UK, this is exactly the kind of record that will be drawing the crowds in as our friends in New Zealand start opening the doors to their venues abroad – visceral but with an infectious dancefloor punch. 

7. Dossa & Locuzzed – “Blinded” feat. Patch Edison (Millbrook Remix) (Viper) 

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Millbrook has had an incredibly successful year so far, but his latest release, a remix for the pioneers of #FunkyDnB Dossa & Locuzzed, is one of his most mesmerizing to date. Transforming the track while still paying homage to the original, Millbrook infuses his remix with plenty of his signature groovy basslines, sprinkled with raw guitar and, of course, Patch Edison’s iconic vocals. Plus, the release came with an original music video made my Millbrook himself! 

8. MUZZ – “Nemesis” (Monstercat) 

Taken off his forthcoming debut album, MUZZ (previously Muzzy) shows off his impressive sound design and vast array of influences with “Nemesis.” An energetic drum & bass tune with a gripping introduction, “Nemesis” is a classic call to adventure full of formidable guitars, ominous robot voices, an energetic drumbeat and a whole lot more. Chaotic yet executed with great finesse, “Nemesis” leaves us craving more from MUZZ.

9. Shy FX – “Warning” feat. Gappy Ranks (Bou Remix) (Culture) 

Taking on a remix for the legendary Shy FX is no easy feat, but Bou absolutely smashed his take on this one. Giving the track a dark, murky twist, Bou’s signature deep bass sounds transform the mood of the original completely, weaving the original horns and infectious vocals through his sinister soundscape.

10. Monty – “Valid” (1985) 

Released at the end of May ahead of 1985’s massive Edition 3 compilation, the French producer and prodigy signed to Alix Perez’s label delivers hauntingly elegant vibes with “Valid”. Effortlessly enigmatic, Monty strikes again with this melancholy number.

11. Mitekiss – “Matter” (Hospital)

The first single off his recent Objects to Push EP, “Matter” is a stunning piece of music featuring gorgeous instrumentals and the exquisite voice of Vonné. Luxurious and soothing, Mitekiss demonstrates his appreciation for the finer things in life, an impeccable attention to detail, and an overall opulent sound that is rich in character and, above all, incredibly enchanting.

12. Halogenix – “Tekina” (Critical) 

Released at the start of May as part of his epic 4-track EP Dragonforce, Halogenix is the king of weird and wonky DnB – every track on the EP offers something different yet all equally brilliant. Our favorite of the four, “Tekina,” is a sinister stomper, groovy and dark and exuding deep bass – everything we love from Halogenix – plus can we talk about how stunning the artwork for this release is?! 

13. Flite & Audioscribe – “Hymn” (Pilot)

Two pioneers of the US DnB Movement, Flite teams up with Audioscribe for their Pilot debut with “Hymn.” A cheerful melody driven tune, this jubilant dancefloor record is bursting with color and energy, and proves once again not to sleep on the US DnB scene. 

14. LSB – “Destine” (North Quarter)

Released on The North Quarter’s first ever compilation at the start of the month, LSB delivers characteristic smoothness with “Destine”. Lavish and rich, LSB’s ornate soundscapes create a soothing getaway, exuding clarity and warmth with every note. 

15. Zombie Cats – “Away” (Galacy)

International duo Zombie Cats surprised us with this one this month, moving away from their more intense neuro productions to give us this stunning piece of liquid gold. Weaving fragmented vocals amidst resounding bass and glimmering melodies, the track perfectly captures rainy day vibes; beautiful yet tinged with a feeling of melancholy. 

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