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Apparat Releases Third Soundtrack This Year, 'Dämonen'

Apparat delivers a haunting new soundtrack.
Apparat Damonen

Apparat has released another soundtrack for his early year of soundtrack releases. Following the soundtracks for Italian language film Capri-Revolution and German/Italian film Stay Still, he is now releasing the soundtrack for Dämonen.

Based on a theatrical production by director Sebastian Hartmann of Dostoevsky’s Demons, Ring wrote this score and performed live with Philipp Thimm and Christoph Hamann in 2015 at the Schauspiel Frankfurt in Germany. In 2020, Ring and Thimm re-recorded and arranged all of this material in Sascha’s studio in Berlin.

Dämonen means demon in German and the soundtrack reflects that. It is haunting and brooding, but with moments of soaring beauty that come up to surprise you in between the low ebbs and flows of strings, oscillating noise and echoing electronics. The songs often feel as though they are crawling from out of a corner towards you before coming to meet you in full force.

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Listen to the full soundtrack below and get a copy here.

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