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Disco and funk music is the product of Black artists. Without these innovators, none of the music we love would exist. The music that we love has united communities for decades and I am happy to celebrate artists like Never Dull, Monsieur Van Pratt, Adeline, and Hotmood that are working diligently to bring a positive message to the masses.

Listen to past disco and funk charts.

1. Igor Gonya - Whoo - Hoo - Hoo

Igor Gonya is apparently a man who never sleeps. As the founder of Lisztomania Records and Sundries, he is a man on a bring the hottest disco/funk tunes and the artists who make them to your ears. "Whoo - Hoo - Hoo" is on Sure Cuts Records this time, and both tracks on the Edits 004 EP are red hot!

2. Aldous - Bring The Phunk Back Now (Jet Boot Jack Remix)

Jet Boot Jack is back to give his special disco spin to Aldous' "Bring The Phunk Back Now." Miami to Brazil and all across the world, this track will make you dance like no one is watching. Considering you are still dancing at home, let your freak flag fly to this jam!

3. Paper Street Soul - Colour

Paper Street Soul are feeling the funk on "Colour"! Soulful vocals over knee-deep bass lines will get your hips swinging. This track will "Bring Out The Colour" in you and let your love light shine! 

4. Studio 54 Music - 'Lovin’ Is Really My Game feat. Adeline

JKriv headed up the production of a fantastic new 4 track EP for the new Studio 54 label. Disco diva Adeline was brought on board to update the classic Brainstorm track "'Lovin' Is Really My Game," giving this classic a fresh breath of life and another reason to dance out the bad of 2020!

5. Los Charly's Orchestra - Fly Away feat. Xantoné Blacq

Nigerian born Xantoné Blacq's voice is like a cool breeze over the summer soundtrack that Los Charly's Orchestra is giving us with "Fly Away." I know a lot of us would like to fly away from our lives right now, but until we can, let's enjoy these sultry grooves. I dare you not to sway to this jam!

6. Never Dull - Voodoo Babe (Phonk D Remix)

Never Dull is killing it with every song he drops lately and the Phonk D remix of "Voodoo Babe" kicks the disco factor up to 11! The remix removes a lot of the vocal but makes up for it with sweeping strings over the already super funky bassline to equal a complete floor filler.

7. Monsieur Van Pratt - Luv Fuzz

"Badder than Columbo, I'm badder than Kojak." These are fightin' words for '70s police drama lovers, but "Luv Fuzz" has made a believer out of me! Monsieur Van Pratt has been firing out hits for over a year now and these tracks just keep getting better and better! 

8. Massimo Vanoni - Funky Miracle

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Slap that funky bass! Massimo Vanoni's "Funky Miracle" is going to rocket you back through space and time to a land where afros were king! Saxophone breaks and just enough plucky rhythm guitar round out this jam. "We got the funk, it's funky" indeed! Whoo!!! 

9. Daniel Steinberg - Crazy Life

Daniel Steinberg is new to this chart and "Crazy Life" is the perfect song to welcome him to our readers! The track sounds a bit electro at the beginning, but just give it a minute because its soul is pure funk. We are all in the middle of living a crazy life and this track encourages you to get up and dance. You really won't have a choice!

10. Detroit Swindle - Coffee In The Morning feat. Jitwam (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

The Prins Thomas remix of Detroit Swindle's "Coffee In The Morning" is a slow burn, which makes you want to listen to it all the more. The bass is heavy, the sax oh so sweet, and though we don't get to enjoy much of Jitwam's vocals, his presence is still integral to the groove. This is a very nice marriage indeed.

11. Munky Fike - Oh Disco Baby

You simply can't go wrong with the Strawberry Jam EP from Lisztomania Records. The Funk District, C. Da Afro, and Alexny all have great tracks, but Munky Fike brought something a little extra with "Oh Disco Baby." Wha-wha guitars blended with sweet vocals, a little brass, and "OOOOHHHOO Baby" you have found the right elements to make you move and groove!

12. Andy Bach - Shake Down & Boogie

Tropical Disco is bringing us Andy Bach's latest funky jam with "Shake Down & Boogie." Swirling synth strings guide you to the dancefloor, and the plunky bass line will make you sweat until you scream "Whoo!" at the end of the track. 

13. Hotmood - Nigerian Secret

Hotmood is so prolific with his releases that it's almost impossible to pick which one to feature! "Nigerian Secret" just has that extra little something that makes it next-level. The subtle organ that drives the beginning of the song is unusual, mixed with Nigerian vocals and all the right brass sounds all together are going to make you sweat!

14. The Funk District - O.M.G

Spa In Disco Records is responsible for releasing this spectacular groove from The Funk District. There's no waiting around to start dancing with this track, it's an upfront funk affair! He needs our love and he needs it now, so who are we to say no? You are going to find yourself screaming "O.M.G" because you will be so out of breath from dancing so hard!

15. JMMSTR - Shine

Oh, that slap bass again! JMMSTR is quickly becoming a staple of the disco/funk community and "Shine" is a perfect example of the seamless way he blends the two genres. He's got to get a message to his special lady that she shines and this track will make each and every one of you feel like you shine too!

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