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EP Review: Park Hye Jin - How can I

Park Hye Jin shows what she can do in a short amount of time with her new EP 'How can I.'
Park Hye Jin How can i

Park Hye Jin

26 year-old rapper, singer, DJ and producer Park Hye Jin has released a new EP How can I.

The EP starts with a bang on “Like this” with hi-hats and drums skittering along with purpose and energy as she softly whispers in Korean. That upbeat energy carries over into “Can you” with its soft organ and bilingual vocals.

The EP isn’t very long, but it progresses through a potential courtship rather quickly. She is wondering if things will work at the top of the project, but then things go from bad to worse by "NO" as she repeatedly tells someone to “shut the fuck up.” That is a message many of us should heed in our lives generally.

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The rhythms start to evolve and change as the EP changes with a slowed tempo, the deeper drums on “NO,” the jungle influences on “How Come” and the shimmering blend of punchy drums and flickering synths on “Beautiful.”

There has been a lot of buzz for Park Hye Jin since her debut in 2018, but now is her full breakout. The buzz has been warranted. Get the full EP here via Ninja Tune and stream the project below.

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