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Four Tet Releases Four-Track EP Under Wingdings Alias

Four Tet is back with some new music to calm the soul.
Four Tet Wingdings EP 2020

EP Cover art

Forgive me for being a little late on a few releases this week, there has been a lot going on over the past week that has divided attention away from music. This past Friday, Four Tet released a new four-track EP under his inscrutable, all-symbol Wingdings moniker.

The full project has a 16-minute runtime and doesn’t overstay its welcome as the symbols seem to scatter across the page. Track one with what looks like a pizza symbol (I may just be hungry), sounds like Four Tet at some of his best with skittering percussion, joyous arps and a playful melodies all swirling together. The second track speeds things up a bit for a more dancefloor friendly record with bubbling synths on top and the occasional vocal sample. The third track brings things back down with a soft, ambient tune with the sort of strings we hear sprinkled on his last album Sixteen Oceans. Chimes and bells echo around the peaceful final track.

Listen to the full project below and get it on Bandcamp.

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