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Graves Kind Of Apologizes Over Rape Accusations, Collaborators Pull Music From DSPs

EDM is taking out some trash in a late spring cleaning.

Last week, EDM took out some trash. Rising star in the US dubstep / bass music scene, graves, real name, Christian Mochizuki, was accused of alleged sexual assault by multiple women, some underage. Graves then offered up some mediocre apology, saying he was sorry and “wildly misjudged the situation.” He continued the statement, which has now been deleted, “At the time, I thought our physical relationship was totally consensual. I realize now my actions were inappropriate, violating, and totally unacceptable." He had deactivated his socials, but they are coming back in waves. Go ahead and let him know how you feel on Facebook.

Graves rape apology

He also seemed to have a Patreon account where people would subscribe for tutorials and other exclusive content. He charged people for a different explanation of "his side of the story" that was rather different this time. That account has also been deleted, but screenshots are forever.

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The backlash has been swift from his collaborators who are distancing themselves from him.

RL Grime wrote that he was “horrified and disheartened” to hear the news and “appreciate and admires the bravery” of the victims. He is removing his collaboration with graves, “Arcus” from all DSPs. Additionally, he is donating a portion of the profits from the 3 songs graves contributed to on Nova to RAINN.

Badrapper, who just released a collab with graves, said he has issued a takedown for part of his EP. He will remove the parts from graves and re-upload it to SoundCloud.

A whole host of others like Computa, Revel and Kayzo have or are trying to delete their collabs with Graves.

Now we just need all of these other DJs to take down their music with Datsik. If it isn’t legally possible because of how the rights and publishing are split (Datsik probably won’t let his music be taken down for nothing if he owns it), then donate all proceeds from here on out to charity. Stop profiting from rape. 

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