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There's not a whole lot of travel opportunities during COVID-19 Summer 2020. For every daydream of jetting off to bright sandy beaches there are a litany of reasons to stay the heck at home. Traveling is over and done with, for now. But, who is to say you can't convince your mind that you're already there? With the right stimulus, you can bend the rules of time and space and end up sitting on the beach of your dreams, if not in your waking reality, at least in your head and heart.

Such is how I feel when I listen to Kousto's "Mermaid Kiss." The London based Frenchman has a very particular skill in crafting soundscapes that make you feel like you've fallen into a snow globe, or sand globe, as it were. On this one, from the echoes of the first haunting chords, he instantly transports you to the South of France, where the Mediterranean sun has bleached everything to an edgeless sheen, and the light breeze carries notes of sea salt and slow roar of crashing waves. It aimlessly drifts in and out for 6 minutes of bliss and, if set on repeat, would convince you that you're really there.  

Buy the digital EP released on Little Foot Records here!

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