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Lights Out Premiere: Hypnum & Parsa - Spaceship [Portal Atemporal]

A pounding cosmic techno cut
Hypnum, Parsa - Love Future EP

Hypnum, Parsa - Love Future EP

Today, Lights Out brings you an exclusive premiere in the form of a collaboration between duo Hypnum who teamed up with Fabrik resident Parsa for a rocking cut of hard-hitting techno. Taken from their forthcoming Love Future EP, 'Spaceship' opens with a pounding kick and sparse percussion that quickly escalates into a solid groove with rave stabs dancing above a gritty acid line. The moving atmosphere has a very spacey/cosmic vibe that takes you beyond the stratosphere. But just as things start to get rather dreamy, Spaceship cuts right back into a pounding kick and clap combo that will surely wreak havoc on the dancefloor. 

Track: Spaceship

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Artist: Hypnum, Parsa

Label: Portal Atemporal

Format: Digital

Release Date: 6-29-20

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