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Lights Out Premiere: VII Circle - Fearless (Crystal Geometry Remix) [Destroy To Rebuild]

A full-on rave weapon from Crystal Geometry.
DTR001 ARTWORK VII Circle - Fearless EP - Destroy To Rebuild

Today, Lights Out brings you an exclusive premiere from the new label of industrial techno artist VII Circle. The inaugural release sees two tracks from himself with remixes from rising talent Buried Secrets and heavy-weight Crystal Geometry, and perfectly encapsulate what the Build To Destroy is all about: techno, EBM, industrial, and uncompromising soundscapes. Crystal Geometry's remix of "Fearless" is laced with his signature blend of EBM and techno; kicking the up bpm and going full-on rave weapon. The pounding kick and his relentless detuned-almost-acid-like bassline with simple percussion create a dense atmosphere that makes the aggressive vocal hook even more menacing. Crystal Geometry's remix of "Fearless" will be available June 20th. Pre-order it here

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