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Magnetic Magazine Will Pause All Music Posting Today For Blackout Tuesday

All music posting will stop today to focus on the scourge of racial inequality and police violence.
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Today, June 2, Magnetic Mag will join the music industry to stop publishing about music for #TheShowMustBePaused. The day will be used to disconnect from the business of music and reconnect with our communities, be active, communicate with each others and learn how to better ourselves and others. This is not a time to be idle, but to spark greater action in the wake of George's Floyd brutal murder at the hands of the Minneapolis police and thousands of others subjected to racial police violence across the US.

As a website that celebrates music indebted to black creators and culture, it is our responsibility to not only come together to celebrate the wins, but hold each other up during times of crisis.

Giving yourself a day off may seem performative and yes any action like this is will have that, but it is also ridiculous to carry on with “hope you are well emails” as if nothing is happening. We are just one small website, but as a community, especially if the rich and powerful members of the music community put their full weight behind this, something may actually get done.

Read an op-ed from British music executive Keith Harris OBE, the Managing Director of Keith Harris Music Ltd.

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This isn’t a day just to sit at home and watch TV (though watch documentaries / historical shows about racial inequality like 13th, When They See Us, Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland, 16 Shots or others over the next few weeks), this means connecting with your friends, family, community and colleagues. It means having difficult conversations about privilege and police violence.

Music can be healing and inspiring. Music won’t go away today, but the business of it will shut down for a day.

You can support George Floyd’s family at the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund, or you can support any number of organizations below looking to fight police violence and racial inequality.

Black Lives Matter
In Memory Of Tony Mcdade
Minnesota Freedom Fund
Northstar Health Collective
Bail Funds By City
Reclaim the Block
Black Visions Collective

Here is a longer list of organizations to help.

Here are some books to read.

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